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English Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPAG)


Spelling, punctuation and grammar are an integral part of our speaking, reading, writing and wider curriculum. The children receive discrete grammar/punctuation teaching each week linked to the current genre of writing. The new grammar learnt is applied to the writing process for the rest of that genre. For example, during the teaching and learning of a biography in year three, the children would explore vocabulary that is specifically linked to Christopher Columbus. The class would then be taught about sentence structure and the use of commas for clause subordination, which would be differentiated to suit the individual learning needs. Then, the children would be given the opportunity to apply this to their  writing and complete the process by editing redrafting and presenting their writing using the new grammar/punctuation skills that they have learnt. As well as it being applied through writing, any new V skills that the children are being taught will then also become part of the success criteria for extended writing in other areas of the curriculum.


Across school from year 1 upwards children learn spellings in school and at home weekly. These spellings are the common exception words from the  National Curriculum. In KS1 children also learn words which contain the spelling rules they are learning in their phonics and spelling sessions.  The children have ten words to learn each week and are tested on these words on a weekly basis with scores shared with parents.  


WOW word of the week! Each class will have a new word to focus on every week. Staff will choose a word linked to current learning from across the different subject areas.  The meaning of the word is the focus and we encourage the children to use their WOW word of the week in sentences they speak and write! A new word will be given to the children every week. Explorers will have the word stuck in their reading record and the other classes will have them printed on their weekly spelling list. The words will be displayed in the classroom and shared on the weekly newsletter. The children will receive a wow stamp if they use the new word in school when speaking or in their writing! 


We are really proud of our Middleton (Middi) and Manchester accents but we need to make sure when we are speaking and writing to an audience in formal contexts we use proper English. When children write they need to use the correct grammar and vocabulary. Sometimes children and adults write like they speak. Our children need to understand that there are times when we need to speak informally- chatting with our friends and write informally- when texting. When we write formally-writing a letter, report, instruction we need to use formal language so everyone understands us. We have noted down some of the words our children say differently so we can tell them the proper English version and encourage them to use it in their writing. 

The documents below explains the three I's- Intent, Implementation and Impact for Spelling and Grammar and Punctuation here at St. John's. 

Intent- our aims of the subject area and overarching curriculum design

Implementation-breakdown of teaching and learning

Impact- knowledge and understanding gained over time

Progression grids for Spelling and Grammar and Punctuation

You will find home learning activities for your child to complete each week on this website, under the children's tab and on your child's class page to ensure their learning journey continues.