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Plastics in the ocean

This half term we are thinking about plastics and how lots of plastics are not recyclable or take a long time to biodegrade. We want to cut down on the plastics we use because it is ending up in the sea and killing lots of the wildlife.


We deceided that ‘stuff’ doesn’t always make us happy. We thought about old things that we treasure and I showed them my very old teddy bear. I would not want to replace him because he holds lots of lovely memories.


The children had lots of special things they too would not want to lose. We thought about the plastic toys- especially the ones you get in kinder eggs which we have a a chocolate treat but have lots of plastic waste or at fairs. After a few hours they are no longer played with. What can we do with the ones we have? Can we re-use them?


We all understand now that the Earth has limited resources, and that we need to be careful not to use everything up – this is why we all recycle our waste. But perhaps we could also think about using less in the first place, and what we might gain from living simply.


We are active global citizens taking responsibility for our world! We are worried about pollution in the ocean! We want to reduce the amount of plastic being used! Our first Global Goal is to ask the milk company to not send plastic straws with our milk cartons!


Although we are small we can make a big difference!

Thank you for continuing to follow the procedures we have put in place to protect us all from the Covid 19 virus and reduce the spread. Don't forget to wear your masks at drop off and pick up to protect our school community and keep our school open!