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Meet Boris the Robot

Meet Boris the Robot 1

We are delivering ‘Heart smart’ throughout school as part of PSHCE- Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education and RSE- Relationship and Sex Education.  The programme is designed to support children to build resilience, emotional intelligence and active empathy.  It enables children to adopt a growth mind-set whilst maintaining a healthy emotional self.   Helping children build healthy relationships with others can only be a good thing and learning how to get along with people who are different from themselves is much needed in today’s society.


The government published guidance for Relationship and Sex Education which prioritises the teaching of Relationships and Health within primary schools. We’re pleased to see that the guidance doesn’t instruct schools in telling children what to think. It’s emphasis is not on agreement but rather on awareness and acceptance, no matter what the belief, gender or orientation.  Love is a common ground that we can all build upon and therefore at St. John's we use Heartsmart to teach PSHCE and RSE.


Heartsmart is about loving and accepting ourselves as well as loving and responding well to others.  The scheme supports British, Christian and Our School Values and is focused around Boris the Robot who helps to motivate children to become actively involved with the programme and learning.  There are 5 themes known as ‘High Five’ that Boris shares throughout the year which are linked to the principles of feeling valued, considering others and showing empathy, forgiveness, being truthful and not giving up when faced with challenge.

Don’t Forget to Let Love in!

We want our children to know that they are valued, that they are one in a million and that they are loved. We want them to consider who in their life makes them feel safe, valued and loved as well as understanding that God is a God of love who created them to be loved by Him. This assembly explores the way in which they understand that they’re loved by looking at the 5 love languages. We want children to reflect on their value and grow in self-acceptance and love.


Too much Selfie Isn’t Healthy!

There are 7.4 billion people in the world. We want the children to know that they are loved but being Heart smart is about loving others too, as Jesus says, “love your neighbour as yourself”. We want our children to explore the happiness that comes by thinking about themselves less and considering others more. We want to create a culture defined by empathy.


Don’t Rub it in, Rub it Out!

We want children to know that when they get hurt they often want to get even. The drive to make things fair is strong. They want to rub it in, get their own back, let that person know that they’re not ok. But this ends up hurting themselves. The only way through hurt is to rub it out. Forgiveness is the best gift that they can give themselves and it’s an important theme in the Bible, it even finds it’s way into the LORD’s prayer.


Fake is a Mistake!

We want our children to consider why they tell lies and the consequence when they do. Telling the truth requires courage, nevertheless we want children to choose to resolve to tell the truth always. We want them to understand that this not only shows love towards others but also towards themselves and to God. Telling the truth is the cornerstone of true friendship.


‘No Way Through’ isn’t True!

We want our children to know that when they face challenging situations, they don’t need to give up. We want them to know that there is always a way through. In every situation, maths, reading, friendship there is an opportunity for children to respond with hope. We want them to know that the first part of finding the solution and way through is by believing that there is one. We want the children to grow in perseverance and to put this into practice in the classroom.

HEART SMART whole school planning grid- cycle 1 and cycle 2

Enjoy your Half Term break. We look forward to seeing the children back in school on Monday 2nd March for our e-safety theatre production Cyber Tales and visit to see Dippy!