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Recovery Planning

Here at St. John's we want our children to continue to develop both academically and socially and emotionally throughout this pandemic. We are back in school and lots of the restrictions are now lifted . For children who have to self isolate due to Covid-19 we will continue to provide quality Remote Learning which parents/carers can follow easily to enable them to support their children with their learning and enable children to ,maintain regular contact with class teachers and their peers. We accept that the first Lockdown prevented children from accessing our full curriculum and the quality first teaching our staff would usually offer which limited progress. However during the second lockdown with new systems in place most of our children were able to access quality teaching and learning through our Showbie platform and interacted with staff and peers through technology. On the return to school our children amazed us with the resilience they had shown. Timetables were adapted to ensure children who did not engage with remote learning well (for a range of identified reasons) or had fallen significantly behind in core subjects were identified and additional support/interventions swiftly put in place.


Through ongoing assessments we have identified any gaps in learning for individuals and year groups to support our children's needs. Have a look at the two documents below which shows how we supported children last year who had gaps in learning and how we are supporting children this year who are not meeting or on track to met age related expectations due to the impact of Covid-19.


Please  Pupil Premium and Recovery Strategy Statement 2021 which highlights how we will use the Pupil Premium and recovery monies allocated to support our most vulnerable children.

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