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PSHCE and Relationship and Health Education

Our PSHCE- Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education and RHE- Relationship and Health Education curriculum provides key building blocks to support children’s understanding of developing a healthy body and mind, understanding what respectful relationships are, focusing on family and friendships whilst understanding and respecting people’s differences. We also want to ensure that our children understand that as they grow both their mind and bodies grow and change too, they need to be prepared for this and understand that it happens to everyone. We are delivering the Heart Smart programme throughout school to support children to build resilience, emotional intelligence and active empathy. It enables children to adopt a growth mind-set whilst maintaining a healthy emotional self. Helping children build healthy relationships with others can only be a good thing and learning how to get along with people who are different from themselves is a positive step to achieve a healthy society. Both our PSHCE curriculum and Science curriculum supports our children with understanding reproduction in plants and animals as well as focusing on changes that happen in their own bodies as humans moving towards puberty. 


The following policies show how St. Johns teaches PSHCE and RHE-

Our new classrooms and office area should be ready very soon We are so excited! We are now able to offer 15 places in each class, some are already full but we have a few places across school. Contact the school office if you are looking for a school place for your child.