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Tooth brushing in school

Tooth brushing in Explorers Class


I am delighted to tell you that our school is taking part in a Greater Manchester tooth brushing programme to strengthen children’s teeth. This involves our Explorers children brushing their own teeth, using a fluoride toothpaste at school. 


Supervised tooth brushing in early year’s settings has been shown to be effective at reducing tooth decay in children. Each child taking part will receive a free toothbrush and toothpaste to use in their class under the supervision of our staff. 


The aim of the programme is to help reduce dental decay in children and with your support we can reinforce your home tooth brushing routine. You can continue to brush your child’s teeth morning and night and to supervise their tooth brushing until he/she is 7 years old.


Brushing their teeth with Mrs Purser and Rochelle

Thank you for continuing to follow the procedures we have put in place to protect us all from the Covid 19 virus and reduce the spread. Don't forget to wear your masks at drop off and pick up to protect our school community and keep our school open!