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Intra and inter competitions


Today we played a round of "Tails" where two people were it and if they got your "tail" you would be it with them. This is what we did to warm- up for today's session.

After that, we split up into teams of 4s and 3s and played matches in a mini tournament. My team didn't let any goals in so we had to go into a penalty shoot out! I was scared because I thought that the other team would score all of their penalties... but it was even all the way through! In the end we drew but still had lots of fun! 


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Today we warmed up by playing a game of ultimate tig (everyone is on).

Then we did passing exercises over long and short distances.

After that we did a 15-20 minutes match. 

I asked other players what they thought of the session and these are their responses:

 "I enjoyed practising my goalkeeping skills" 

" The match was the best part because it was fun!"

Overall, today's sessions was really fun and I enjoyed it!


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Football practice 2.10.18

Football practice 2.10.18 1
Football practice 2.10.18 2

Years 4- 5 Football Club


Football club will run for the whole of the Autumn term on Tuesdays after school 3.30- 4.30pm with a Link for Life coach.


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Congratulations and very well done to our Dance Club Dancers who have been rehearsing very hard every day to compete in the St Anne's Cup and RBSGP Dance Festival at Middleton Arena. Our “Save the 80s” dance routine, with a medley of songs from the 1980s was fantastic. The children were amazing and their dance really stood out. They smiled from the beginning to the end of the routine and made us all extremely proud! Next year’s theme is “Rock and Roll” - maybe it will be our time to win! A BIG thank you to Mrs Howarth & Mrs Willman for the fabulous choreography & costumes and to Miss Rogers for hairstyling and providing a food pack for each child; this was extremely generous of you. Well done, Troupe!

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