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We will remember them. 
Well done year 6 on a very reflective class assembly this morning.

Today Adventurers have been reciting the poem “In Flanders Fields” ready for Remembrance Day. 

This week in music we have continued to practise using our Samba instruments to play syncopated rhythms. We have made lots of progress playing as an ensemble and anticipating when to play our individual group rhythms.


Still image for this video

Adventurers have worked hard to organise and retell God’s Big Story using the big freeze artwork and core concept symbols in R.E. They have investigated Old Testament prophecies of the promised Messiah. This half term we will be answering the question; Was Jesus the Messiah?

We have been using their knowledge of pulley systems and gears mechanisms in DT to create their own gear trains and lifts and explain how they work.

Today year 6 have been working together to identify square and prime numbers- we will see what they remember in the next lesson! Do you know why the number 2 is a special number? 

We have finished reading “The Lost Thing” and produced some excellent pieces of writing from character descriptions to recounts. What a fantastic collection of work- well done year 6! 

What a busy half term we have had! Lots to look forward to in autumn 2 so make sure you have a fun but relaxing half term holiday and see you all on Monday 31st October! 😀

This half term Adventurers have been learning about tactics and rules in order to play table tennis. We have learnt different hitting techniques such as: the forehand and backhand push, top and back spin as well as how to serve. This has proven quite tricky but the children have persevered and participated in a doubles tournament. 

Our WOW wall is looking quite full this week with impressive homework and pieces of art. 
Well done Adventurers! 🤩

Wow! Some fantastic examples of homework produced this half term by Adventurers. There have been lots of headteacher’s awards and house points given out today! Well done everyone 🤩

“What we doing?”

”Crucial Crewing!” 
We have learnt a lot about how to keep ourselves safe this afternoon at the crucial crew event.

Andy Warhol inspired pop art work.

What a fantastic STEM day at St.Anne’s Academy today. Year 5 and 6 experienced activities around car engineering, coded computer games and participated in different scientific experiments! We had a great time and learnt lots! Thank you 

Introducing our new writing text.... where do you think the lost thing has come from?

The Lost Thing Trailer

In a world of rivets and drabness, a boy befriends a fantastical red creature that appears to be totally lost: based on the writer-director Tan's prize-winning children's book. Directed by Shaun Tan. This film is part of the Sydney Film Festival. June 2-14 2010.

After learning about the process of fossilisation in science this first half term, Adventurers had the opportunity to create their own trace fossils using natural resources. 

We’ve had a new teacher in Adventurers’ classroom today- Mr Rhodes was verbalising his mathematical understanding of addition methods especially the expanded column method 🤩 

Fantastic examples of writing from Adventurers this week based on our text “Brother Eagle, Sister Sky” from descriptive poems to persuasive speeches in role as Chief Seattle! Lots of Headteachers awards were given out in recognition of everyone’s hard work! 

Some examples of science WOW work this week, focusing on the woolly mammoth and how scientists can gain a lot of information from studying its fossilised remains. Great explanations! 😀

We are learning about Samba music this half term and exploring traditional samba instruments; samba drums, agogo bells, guiros and tambours. We have been practising playing different syncopated rhythms as an ensemble.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Adventurers have been investigating pulley systems in DT. They have been engineering a simple pulley system to create a flag pole to develop "finger fluency" (practice making something until hands and fingers so things automatically without much thinking) of this design idea. These engineers will be taking inspiration to develop their own aerial tramway over the Autumn term. They also demonstrated our school values of togetherness and perseverance. 

We are investigating the Gospel this half term and exploring the question "What would Jesus do?". One of the many ways Jesus taught his message of how to love and serve God and others was through Parables. We have split into teams to create a bible stand, one group had a sandy foundation whilst the others had a clay foundation. We all showed togetherness by working in a team especially when overcoming challenges with the sandy foundation, although the Bible stand did not withstand the test we all persevered and it helped us to  understand the message that Christians learn from this parable by listening to Jesus' message and building a solid foundation by trusting in God.We are investigating the Gospel this half term and exploring the question "What would Jesus do?". One of the many ways Jesus taught his message of how to love and serve God and others was through Parables. We have split into teams to create a bible stand, one group had a sandy foundation whilst the others had a clay foundation. We all showed togetherness by working in a team especially when overcoming challenges with the sandy foundation, although the Bible stand did not withstand the test we all persevered and it helped us to  understand the message that Christians learn from this parable by listening to Jesus' message and building a solid foundation by trusting in God.

Some fantastic examples of active and collaborative learning this week in Adventurers…

Adventurers have written some heartfelt prayers of thanks for the late Queen’s 70 years of service to our nation. 

As part of our dreams reflection value this half term we focused on Martin Luther King Jnr and his very important dream. We learnt about his life and everything that he stood for against injustice. We then thought about our own dreams, not only for ourselves but also the wider world. 
We definitely have some thoughtful and caring children in year 6! 

We have had a very positive and busy couple of days here in the Adventurers’ Classroom! We have covered a range of things from growth mindset and being the best version of ourselves to thinking in different ways about being in year 6 using De Bono’s Thinking Hats.


I am very impressed with the start we have had and can’t wait for the year ahead! 

Hello Adventurers,


I hope you have all had a fantastic summer break with your family and friends- I can't wait to hear all about your tales on Monday morning :)


I am sure that you will love your final year at primary school- in my opinion, it is the best year!


We have lots of exciting learning coming up and I can't wait to get started. I am also a little nervous as it will be my first day back after maternity leave and my little boy's first full week in nursery. I am sure we will look after each other though.


Get an early night and see you bright eyed and bushy tailed on Monday morning :) 


See you soon,


Mrs Browne x

Goodbye and Good Luck to our class of 2022

What a send off our year 6 leavers had at our church service. It was filled with prize giving, reflections of their time at St. John’s and songs from their production of Mattie. A goodbye song of Sweet Caroline as they left down the tunnel of children. SJT will never forget you! Have a look at the children section of our website under video conferencing for our Year 6 video showing how they have grown!

One of the last jobs for our year 6 children was leaving cheer up jars GIFT group and year 6 made together on the door steps for our local community. We hope the little jars filled with fabulous comments and drawings will bring joy, hope and smiles to the faces of our neighbours!

What a fabulous disco for all our children and to send our year 6 off in style. Down the red carpet wearing their sashes and into the VIP room. Lots of selfies, food, mocktails and dancing with the rest of the school. Thank you to the PTFA for their beautiful balloons!

A Starbucks treat for year 6 and staff from Ilana’s family! What a lovey generous treat on their last day!

What a fabulous afternoon with year 6 children at church reflecting on the school values and how they have helped them to become the children they are today. Eagles were the theme for the activities and we hope our year 6 children soar when they move onto secondary school!

End of year fun with a HUGE Inflatable and Water Fight

Year Six have had a fantastic day on the giant, inflatable assault course! The water fight at the end of the day was thoroughly enjoyed by all (pupils and staff!) and everyone was completely drenched by the end! More memorable moments as we end the penultimate week of Year 6! 

Gods and Godesses Family Tree!

This afternoon, Y6 were investigating the relationship between the Greek Gods and Godesses in the form of a family tree. They worked brilliantly in pairs and were able to communicate effectively to complete the challenge! 

We really enjoyed our visit to Manchester Cathedral for the year 6 leavers service. The focus on faith, hope and trust helped us to think about transition to secondary school. Our school song ‘My Lighthouse’ was played, we held our banner with pride and shared our prayer box! We enjoys Pizza Hut as one of our end of year treats too!

Orienteering Quest

As part of their PE lessons this half term, Adventurers have been furthering their orienteering skills by working together in pairs to find the beacons hidden around the school grounds. They were amazing and  the team work (and competitive personalities) on display was wonderful to see! 

Sports Week Spectacular!

As part of Sports Week, Adventurers have been taking part in various sporting activities across the week to prepare for Sports Day on Thursday! Lots of great team work, resilience and togetherness was on display and many pupils surprised themselves with their newly-discovered talents! 

Adventurers have prepared a beef and meat free bolognese today in DT. They have worked well together to prepare ingredients by using the bridge and claw technique to chop vegetables and have followed their recipe exactly. It was clean plates all round and very tasty too!

Year Orienteering!

Year 6 had a lovely morning at Tandle Hill: they used their skills to follow a map and its various paths to find their way to different landmarks. It was a very hot and sunny day and everyone had a blast! 

Year 6 Leaver’s Hoodies

Year 6 were very pleased with their hoodies this morning! 😀

Magpie Madness! 

This morning we have been reading lots of different non-chronological reports to act as models for our own writing next week. We were inspired by so much amazing vocabulary as we worked in groups to make a word bank for our working wall!

Year 6 Learning By Questions morning!


This week Year 6 have been enjoying completing their maths work on angles using LBQ - an interactive quizzing resource that school have purchased especially for UKS2!


Year Y6 SATs celebration 


This afternoon, grown-ups and their children enjoyed Afternoon Tea at school to celebrate the end of SATs. The whole class gave it their all and made us very proud for their perseverance and belief - two of our values! A special thank you goes to Miss Robertson for providing the delicious treats! 😋

SATs revision on the playground!


Don’t tell Miss Robertson but Year 6 have been revising on the playground in preparation for their SATs next week! 🙈 🤫

A very tricky Spelling morning!


Mrs. Howarth came into class this morning for the first round of our school Spelling Bee. The winner of which will take part in the Rochdale Spelling Bee next term! 


Mr Barnes couldn’t help providing some tricky spellings for April 1st! 

Blorskee: I lost my blorskee

Tangateen: I eat my spaghetti with a tangateen

Speekuzslmn: Look! There’s a spekuzslmn (silent letters)

Wazamata: Wazamata with you? 

Slipert: Be careful when you're sleeping there might be a slipert in your house

Chchch: The horse was angry so I said chchch

Rol-aska-tox: Rol-aska-tox was surprised when jinx took the crown

Speenuch: My favourite food is speenuch and artichoke dip

Shabolaskp: Be careful you do not catch shabolaskp (more silent letters)

GÜRRR: My friend told me a secret and I said GÜRRR


Y6 SATs Preparation


This morning Year 6 had a go at a SATs arithmetic paper in the hall just like they will do next half term. We’re very proud of how well we did and look forward to showing what we’ve learnt! 

Exploring common features between newspapers! 

Year 6 have been exploring First News articles to identify common features and words or phrases to magpie for their own writing! 

The Missing Mona Lisa Masterpiece Mystery! 

Today Y6 were shocked to arrive in school this morning to learn that the Mona Lisa masterpiece in our classroom had been stolen! They will be working closely with Louvre employees, police detectives and the local Parisian public to write newspaper reports on this shocking event! 


Year 5 & 6 at St. Anne’s Academy


Year 5 and 6 were kindly invited to a local high school today to watch their students performing an Aladdin Pantomime. The children greatly enjoyed watching this, joining in with songs and having great fun! Afterwards, they were given lessons by some of the school’s own teachers in state-of-the-art facilities. 

E-Safety Morning!

This morning we have had a visit from our partners at Global Policing who have spoken to Year 6 about Cyber Bullying! We watched a video of a pupil named Joe who was a victim of cyber bullying and this prompted a class discussion around S-T-O-P - our school definition of bullying which means several times on purpose. 


Tie-dying triumph!


This morning Adventurers have been having a go at tie-dying fabric! Keep your eyes on the blog as we will be writing a set of instructions on this very soon! 

Wonderful Science! 

This afternoon we have had great fun looking at what happens to a bulb when we increase and decrease the voltage. We also looked at what happens when the voltage is shared by two bulbs. 

Editing their writing.


After writing excellent diary entries inspired by Cloth Lullaby, Year 6 have been editing their texts this morning using add, take away and replace as modelled by Tom Palmer! 

What was the ‘Silk Road’ of the Ancient Islamic civilisation and why was it important? 

Year 6 were using atlases this afternoon to locate Baghdad and explore why the ‘Silk Road’ was an important trading route! They traded lots of different things from tortoise shell to perfume and cinnamon! 

Using concrete materials to form algebraic expressions

Year 6 have been exploring forming algebraic expressions this morning!

The ancient Inca citadel of Machu Picchu 

In geography this afternoon, Year 6 explored a variety of maps at different scales to locate the ancient Inca citadel of Machu Picchu. This QR quest really brought out their competitive side! 

Code-cracking collaboration! 

Adventurers worked furiously to crack the Allied and Axis encrypted messages as they began their new coding topic in computing this afternoon. You could hear a pin drop as they worked in teams to try and stop the invasion! 

World Book Day!


As part of the national World Book Day celebrations, Adventurers began their morning with a ‘Book Tasting’ carousel. Each pupil sampled a literary starter, main, dessert and side dish. After, they completed a book review for one of their favourite books. 

Ancient Greek Myths 

Adventurers have been reading their favourite Greek Myths and legends and explaining why they think each one was significant for the people of the time. Each one came with a morale to live by and we explained how significant we felt each one was for that time and the present day. 

Adventurers have been writing newspaper reports linked to Holes!

Adventurers have been practising their French pronunciation

We focused upon key graphemes like 'oi' and silent letter endings. Tres bien!

Year 6 have been classifying dolly mixtures in science.

Year 6 have been working in groups to research how biomes are affected by human processes!

Bar Model Problem Solving!

This week Adventurers have been busy learning about a wide range of topics. From decimals to designing a webpage and setting descriptions to science where we explored key scientific vocabulary like vertebrate, invertebrate and nutrition - what a jam-packed week it has been! 


Wishing you all a restful weekend, 


Mr. Barnes-Moran 




Year 6 Bikeability!

Year 6 have been having loads of fun today with their bikeability instructors! 

This just a quick message to say thank you to all the children, staff and families who have made me feel so welcome in my first week at St. John's. Having worked in Middleton schools for the majority of my career, I knew of the excellent reputation of this fantastic school and am incredibly proud to be filling in for Mrs. Browne during her maternity leave. I look forward to getting to know all the children and their families over the next two terms! Best wishes, Mr. Barnes-Moran

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and happy new year! 
Also, a big thank you for all of your generous gifts both for myself and baby boy Browne- we have been extremely spoilt. 
I wish each and everyone of you a successful time in year 6 and hope to see you before you leave in the summer.
Enjoy every minute of it as it is the best time! 

Best wishes,

Mrs Browne x 

Our last few days of the Autumn term were fun- packed with a visit from Father Christmas, as well as the dancing elf! We are very lucky and had lots of fun! 

Adventurers have participated in gymnastics sessions this half term with Edstart focusing on jumping, balancing and sequences.

Happy 1st December! 

As pat of our TASC Day, Adventurers designed their own Christmas decoration made from recyclable materials which could hang on our very own chandelier. We chose the hymn “ We Three Kings” and themed our decorations around it. 
I am sure that you will agree, it is very effective and makes our corridors feel very festive! 

Year 6 hard at work during assessment week, preparing for SATS and developing their test technique. Everyone is trying their best but we can learn from our mistakes and get ready for the real thing in the summer term.

Adventurers watched the role- play “Crossing the line” exposing the truths around County Lines. This was a very important topic for the children to be made aware of and their responses were both mature and responsible. We are very proud of our year 6 pupils.

Lest We Forget- Today Adventurers went to place their wreath as a mark of respect for Remembrance Day. We recited the poem "Flanders Field" and read out some examples of our own stanzas. Take a look at the video resource centre to see more.

Using problem- solving and reasoning skills to find equivalent fractions.

African Drum Performance

Still image for this video



See our Harvest rap performance on the video resource centre section of the web-site.

What is a prime number?


Adventurers identifying prime numbers from 1-100, through lots of mathematical reasoning in partners.


"Why is 17 a prime number?"

"Because it only has 2 factors- 1 and itself!"


"Why is 2 a special prime number?"

"Because it is even!"


Square Number Bashing

Still image for this video
Adventurers have been learning their square numbers by using the square number bashing songs- we even made it up to 20 sqaured!

We had a visit from our very own Fairy God Mum today! We designed our own school value mural for our new entrance hall- we can't wait to show you the finished design.

Adventurers have re-created Eduardo Paolozzi's famous "Bash" piece of art work. I am sure that you will agree it looks pretty effective!

What a great time Adventurers had playing with their buddies this afternoon, teaching them games and joining in with their interests. It was great to see!

The Lost Thing 2010

This will be Adventurers' next text that we will focus on before half term. Can you recognise the underlying key messages?

Adventurers have written their own persuasive speeches from the point of view of Chief Seattle this week, they have used their powers of persuasion to ensure that the Native American's land is preserved and nurtured for future generations.

Welcome to Adventurers!

Still image for this video
Have a sneak peek of our brand new classroom via this video. It also tells parents the expectations for year 6 and how you can support your child over the course of the year. Please feel free to pause the video to read the key messages.

We have been working extremely hard over the last two weeks in Adventurers class and are doing a fantastic job at settling into year 6. It is challenging at times, but with the right mind-set we can persevere and achieve great things! :) 

Brother Eagle Sister Sky

Our first class text this year is Brother Eagle, Sister Sky. We will be focusing on figurative language and how it paints a picture in our mind's eye. We will be planning and writing our own descriptive poems, as well as persuasive speeches from the point of view of Chief Seattle himself!

Welcome Adventurers' parents! Please read the following information so your child is prepared for class each day. Also note that our PE days are Monday and Tuesday so please send your child into school wearing their PE kit on these days.

Get a head start on this half term's homework grid...



Staff have been in school today working hard to prepare for your arrival on Monday morning. We can't wait to get the year started- hopefully with a bit more sense of normal than what we have been used to over the past 18 months.


In my opinion, Year 6 is the best year at primary school- I am sure that you will soon agree :)


I look forward to seeing you bright-eyed and bushy- tailed on Monday morning via the bottom gate!


Look out for updates of our brand spanking new classroom :)


See you soon,


Mrs Browne x

Wow! What a bust last few days! From treks to Tandle Hill, Awards Ceremonies, Inflatable assault courses and much more- we certainly went out on a high! :) It has been nice to spend the last few days of the children's primary school career together doing lots of fun activities and celebrating their time at St. John's. I am immensely proud of each and everyone of them for individual reasons.


A special thank you to parents for your support especially over the last 18 months as we have navigated as best we can through these unfamiliar times. Also, for the lovely gifts and messages- they were very much appreciated and as I am sure the children will tell you did bring a tear to my eye.


All that remains for me to say that I hope that you all have a well- deserved break over the summer holidays and re-charge your batteries ready for the next stage in your educational journeys.


I wish you the best of luck- do me proud!



Mrs Browne x

Last day treat...a big thank you to Mrs Robertson- they were delicious!

Our Year 6 Sash Ceremony...

Adventures are busy writing down their memories from their time at St. John's. We can't wait to share them with you all on the celebration day next week.

Take a sneak peek of the final homework grid for the summer term- remember to post any finished pieces onto the Showbie or you can request a paper copy if needed. 


Deadline is Monday 19th July! :)

Welcome back for an exciting final summer half term!


Our English focus will be on Anthony Horowitz's famous spy novel "Alex Rider- Storm breaker"- it's going to be exciting, intense and nail- biting- I can't wait to get started!

Stormbreaker (2006) trailer

Trailer to the Movie Stormbreaker.

What a busy, action- packed half term Adventurers have had! We have wrote several quality pieces of writing based on our text "Way Home", learnt about forces and how they affect fairground rides in science, started to do a huge project on our transition to high school, learnt about a variety of historical events- both locally and world- wide with many forest school Wednesdays in between. 


The last part of the summer term will be just as exciting as we prepare for our summer production and take part in lots of Leavers' celebrations! July 21st will soon be upon us, so we hope to enjoy the time we have together while we can. :)


Have a lovely half term and I look forward to seeing you on Monday 7th June! :) 

Please take a look at a selection of Adventurers' homework- from work related to fairground rides to homelessness they have worked hard this half term...

Science Week


Adventurers have followed the theme of "Innovating for the Future." Following the TASC process and using STEM skills we have designed and created prototypes of Robo- bugs suited to different purposes.


Pupils had to decide what the "Robo- bugs" mission would be, based on what their own scientific knowledge and understanding of insects. 


As an additional task, pupils had to introduce their creations in 50 words or less.


We have had a fun, yet informative science week in Adventurers' class this week and I can see that we have some budding scientists, engineers and technicians in the making! :) 



We have the best day participating in Number day in aid of the NSPCC. We have done a range of activities from Beat the Dice, Who wants to be a Mathionaire, TTRockstars time and an Addition Hunt using our outside space.

The children and I have had a fun day enhancing our mathematical skills but also learning more about the NSPCC and the work that they do.


A big thank you for everyone who was able to donate- it is definitely a worthy cause! :) 

Super Scientists:


Adventurers are currently members of a development team for a new theme park called "Force-land" we are investigating how forces and friction affect the different rides. This week we looked at how a bungee jump works and investigated different questions such as- Does the weight affect how far the elastic stretches?


We had some interesting results! :) 

Summer homework is up! Take a look and choose your activities for this half term! :)

We have been investigating the importance of colour in fashion and how experimenting with colour choices can influence us psychologically. For example blue is known to be a calming and loyal colour which is why you usually find police uniforms in America to be blue! Purple is associated as a colour originated to royalty and the extremely wealthy due to it's difficulty to process. Did you know that Cleopatra needed 20,000 snails soaked for ten days to obtain one ounce of purple dye for her royal clothing!! for this reason purple clothing is signifies luxury, wealth and sophistication.  
To investigate colour further we were tasked to create a colour wheel experimenting with primary colours to create secondary and tertiary colours. We have displayed our colour wheels in a creative way, which I am sure you agree we have all achieved using mythical beasts, angels, eyes and creative patterns as inspiration.

Hot off the press...

Adventurers have made a shocking discovery in the school grounds this looks like someone has been sleeping here over night?!! We have been investigating the clues and performed our very own version of "at the scene" news reports. We will keep you updated of our findings!

Today, Adventurers have started a transition programme in preparation for high school called "Be Awesome, Go Big!" We will do this for the whole of the summer term to prepare our year 6 pupils as much as possible for their next step.


Today we have been focused on "Being Awesome" reflecting on their own attitudes to school and learning and who they would like to be in secondary school- all of year 6 were very mature and we had very open discussions around this.


I look forward to the next session about "Unlocking our Minds" ! :) 


This is the work booklet that we will be working through, once completed pupils will bring them home to discuss with parents before starting their designated secondary schools.

Adventurers are all set to start this half term's text- "Way Home" by Libby Hawthorn. We have created the back drop, based on our own interpretation of the front cover, ready to fill with all of our wonderful work!


Keep an eye out for updates...

Adventurers have taken part in their first Project Chameleon session today ran by Global Policing.

We have already learnt a lot of information related to our rules and laws and have received our very own booklet, which we will work through in the coming weeks.


We look forward to next week! :)

Hi Adventurers!


Welcome back to school and the Summer term- this term is always a very busy one for a year 6 pupil so I hope that you are organised, ready and raring to go!


See you all tomorrow- in your P.E kit !


Mrs Browne :) 

As the end of term draws closer, all that is left for me to say is I hope that you all have a peaceful and well- rested Easter break....see you all on Monday 19th April! :)

This past week, Adventurers have also worked together to achieve 250 and 300 dojo points and a pizza party! Therefore, this afternoon, children have made individual pizzas with toppings of their choice- all in a very sanitized environment! All washed down with a milkshake and a cakey treat!


Adventurers have worked really hard during what has turned out to be a very challenging year. We like to reward and recognise hard work and hope that the children realise that hard work does pay off! 


We are now aiming for more dojos after the Easter break, which will go towards the Year 6 celebrations in the summer! Wish us luck! :)

It's homework day in Adventurers class- well done everyone for completing it in time with not as much time to do it in. I have enjoyed looking at your homework books and the activities that you chose to do!

Adventurers have been designing and creating their own Easter Cards today...look out for their Forest School inspired Easter Craft on Wednesday too! :)

As part of Adventurers' Class reward system in class, individually children have to collect as many dojo points as possible, to work towards a whole class total. Dojos are earned by the children for many different reasons associated to behaviour, effort, excellence, following our school values and rules, homework etc. At the beginning of the year in September, the children decided on the amount of dojos and what reward they would like. They came up with ideas such as: extra play time, non- uniform days and sports afternoons. 


During lockdown, children earned 150 dojo points collectively, therefore, they were rewarded with a games afternoon today. Children had lots of fun playing table- tennis, Uno, Ludo, Chess and other board games. It was a lovely treat as we approach the end of term :) 


Keep up the hard work Adventurers!

Adventurers took part in the St. John's Thornham Doubles Table-Tennis Championships this afternoon.

It was a close tournament but we had three pairs on the podium receiving gold, silver and bronze awards!

Everyone who took part did  fantastic job and it was clear that their skills had improved over the last few weeks :) 

Adventurers have been working in groups to add their own section of the Sea Shanty Dance... we hope you like our finished performance :) 

The game is on... Adventurers are focusing on table- tennis in P.E for the rest of this half- term. They have been learning rules and tactics as well as different hitting techniques. We look forward to crown our table- tennis champions at the end of the half - term! :)

All of Adventurers were awarded stars of the week this week, as the whole class have produced some fantastic work and even fit in a new dance routine and some treats for Mother's Day!


It has been brilliant to have everybody back together again and they have all been a pleasure to teach- long may it continue! :)


We hope you all have a relaxing and well- deserved Mother's Day Weekend! 

St. John's Sea Shanty Dance

Still image for this video
A snippet of year 6 learning the sea shanty dance routine with Coach Josie from Edstart! We had a fantastic time! :)

Have a peek at Spring 2 Homework Grid- either accessible via Showbie or a paper copy in your red homework book! Deadline is Monday 29th March ready for our homework showcase! :)

Hi Adventurers,


We made it! :) 

A massive well done to those children who have continued their learning at home since Christmas, you have impressed me with your work ethic and organisational skills and produced work of a good standard- all of these skills will stand you in good stead for high school in September.


Also a big thank you goes out to those parents who have supported their children with this, as well as continuing to work themselves, whether that be at home or in the work place- I know what it is like, it is definitely not an easy task!


I very much look forward to welcoming you all back on Monday 8th March to continue your year 6 journey, we still have lots to do!


In the mean time, try and get yourselves up to date with all learning tasks on the Showbie app so we can start a fresh altogether next week!


Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Browne x

Hi Adventurers,


Please see this week's (and hopefully) the last week's remote learning grid!

Remember to make your toilet roll book character ready for the showcase on Thursday at 2.30pm- all details in the World Book Day folder on Showbie.


You have done so well with your remote learning- make sure everything is up to date ready for you coming back to school on Monday 8th March! I am really looking forward to seeing you all :)


See you soon,

Mrs Browne x

Calling all crafty Adventurers,


Next week (Thursday 4th March) is World Book Day- why not create your very own book character out of a toilet roll?! See the examples below for inspiration!


We will do a show case of our creations, via zoom, at 2.30pm on Thursday 4th March (look out for details on Showbie) where we will also be listening to a story read by yours truly :) 


Happy crafting!


Mrs Browne

Welcome back Adventurers!


I hope that you've had a great half term and were able to enjoy a well- earned rest. Hopefully we will be able to return to school and be back in class together soon. In the mean time take a look at this week's remote learning grid and the activities on Showbie. Remember to take lots of breaks and come back to something if you've not quite got it first time- don't worry we will look at it when we are back in school.


You all did such a fantastic job before half term- I know that you can carry on for a little while longer! :)


Take care.


Mrs Browne 

It's nearly half term....take the time to re-charge and relax, ready for remote learning from the 22nd February! :)

Take a look at the last remote learning grid before half term- we are nearly there- you are all doing a fantastic job! Keep up the hard work Adventurers and see you at the quiz on Friday! :)

See you at the quiz on Friday :) (link posted on Thursday via Showbie)

Hi Adventurers!


Please see below our next week's remote learning grid of activities- you have all been working hard so far, I am very proud of your efforts. I am sure that we can carry on for the next two weeks until half term... yes half term is nearly here! :) 


Make sure that you complete the tasks for each day and don't forget about the Fancy Dress Friday quiz at 2.30pm- it was great to see some of you last week!


I hope you are all keeping safe and well,


Mrs Browne x

Good morning Adventurers!


I hope everyone is safe and well.


Please see week 3's time- table  of remote learning activities and make sure that you read the tasks, questions carefully to ensure that you are completing them properly. Also ensure that you answer in full, punctuated sentences and in as much detail as is required for year 6 level work.


Happy Learning :) 


Take care,


Mrs Browne x



Take a minute to listen to James- Dean's version of a Bacharach Anorack tune!

Take a read of some examples of excellent story writing based on the mysterious Madame Zeroni... same stimulus, different perspective! Well done girls :)

Our Remote Learning Gallery- Lets see what everybody else has been up to...

Hello Adventurers,


Have a look at the "Week 2 Remote Learning Grid", most things are on Showbie, but please use the time- table to organise your learning for each day to try and keep up with it. Let me know if are not going to be posting daily as some activities may take you longer than others. Don't worry- just drop me a message via Showbie! Like last week, try your best to get all activities completed before the following Monday so that you can start a fresh!


We had a fantastic week last week so I am hoping for the same this week. I am very proud of your efforts during these challenging times! 


Stay safe, keep smiling and happy learning:) 

Mrs Browne x

You've got to be in it to win it! Good luck! :)

Here we go Adventurers- our first official week of Remote Learning starting on Monday 11th January 2021!


Please look at the below time-table for what you are expected to complete each day. We appreciate that everybody's home circumstances are different so have not set fixed times for anything to be completed by , however I will be logging into Showbie on a daily  basis and monitoring who is keeping up with the learning tasks. Also I will be on hand to answer any questions/ queries that anybody may have.


You will see on Showbie that some activities are "locked" that means that you do not have to complete them at that time, keep referring to the time-table as activities will be "unlocked" for completion on a daily basis. Anything still unlocked means that a member of the class is yet to complete it.


Make sure that you try your best to complete as many learning tasks as possible.

Overall, I have been impressed with the work that the majority of you have produced over the course of the last few days and how quickly and efficiently that you engaged with our new Showbie app!


Good luck and keep up the good work,


Keep smiling :) 

Mrs Browne x

Dear Adventurers,


So sorry to not be able to see you for the next few weeks due to another lockdown! :( 

However, do not fret.... I will be uploading activities for you to continue with your learning on Showbie and on the class blog.


For the next few days, I have already uploaded some activities to refresh your memory of how to use Showbie and present your work. Have a go at these and familiarise yourself again.


Next week there will be a full time-table of activities that you are expected to attempt and send into me via Showbie- We have been working so hard up until this point so I am keen to continue with the progress and new learning that we were doing.


I am looking forward to see what you create/ find out along the way.


I hope you all stay safe,

goodbye for now,


Take care,

Mrs Browne x

To all Adventurers and their families, 


We have finally made it to the end of term! Year 6 have had an action packed few weeks and overall have impressed me with their resilience in such challenging times. They have settled back into school life fantastically well and I am looking forward to what we can achieve in the new year. 


All that is left for me to say is I hope you all have a Merry and peaceful Christmas with your loved ones and look forward to seeing you on Monday 4th January, well rested and ready for the next term.


Best Wishes, 

Mrs Browne x 

Please go to the Video Resource Centre under the Children's tab to see our performance of the


The Children had lots of fun creating their own parody to the original 12 Days of Christmas!

More Homework Examples...

It's Adventurers' Homework Day... we've had some excellent pieces! More to follow!

Christmas TASC Day 2020


Adventurers were set the task of creating "match box" gifts for a loved one. They designed and created their very own designs- some are very creative. Here is a selection...


This week children have been focusing on the poem "In Flanders Fields" in honor of Remembrance Day on 11th day of the 11th month. We will be reciting the poem and adding our own stanza... look out for the videos next week!

Take a step into Victorian Britain and extend your historical knowledge of the time...

Our first writing task will be a biography focusing on the life of Charles Darwin- have a look at the power points below as a source of research to inform your writing.

Autumn 2 homework grid- Children will be issued with the new homework grid on Friday in their books, but why not get ahead start this week?

Hi Everyone!


I hope everyone is enjoying a well deserved half term! 

Please look at our Harvest videos that Adventurers prepared independently- from raps to prayers we had a fun time celebrating Harvest and giving thanks to God. (The role-play will be uploaded shortly.)


I look forward to seeing you all in our "new" classroom next week :) 


Take care,

Mrs Browne


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Adventurers have been learning about pop art with Miss Ireland this week... I am sure that you would agree that they look really effective!

Today in maths, Adventurers were doing a lot of mathematical verbal reasoning and using apparatus to solve place value questions. Great work Year 6!

Please click on this half term's homework grid- remember the deadline is the Friday we break up for half term!

Take a peek at Adventurers' class letter to parents- Happy Weekend Everyone!

Adventurers started their 12 week "Well Being through Sport" programme today with Edstart, learning about important life-skills. We can't wait for the next session!

Adventurers have been creating potion recipes for a successful year in year 6! There have been some very imaginative ideas.

Here's one of our recipe examples... isn't it creative?!

In school we are focusing on developing healthy minds through lots of wonderful picture books. Our assemblies and lessons for the first two weeks will focus on these books which will help us to think about our thoughts, our busy minds, our feelings and how to deal with our emotions when we are feeling worried, sad, cross or anxious! As you do not have the books at home we have shared the links below so you can listen as someone reads it to you. Listen carefully to the words in the book and enjoy the lovely illustrations. When you do come back to school you will be able to see all the books on the display in the school hall with lots of things to help you to think about the messages the books are giving us!



Hi Adventurers!


I hope you have all had a great summer even through these strange times!

I look forward to welcoming you back into year 6 on THURSDAY 3RD SEPTEMBER through the old front door. I am sure that your parents and carers have gone through the letters from Mrs Hunter telling you all of the little changes that we have had to put into place to ensure that we can open to everyone again. Try not to worry as I will go through everything on the first two days back.


Mrs Williams and Miss Ireland will also be working with us throughout the week.


We can't wait to see you all and have a fun- filled year of learning for your final year at St. John's! :) 


See you Thursday,


Mrs Browne x

Have a sneak peak of our Adventurers' classroom...

A quick message from Mrs Browne...

Still image for this video

Calling all new year 6 children... Have a look and try out some of the summer activities in preparation for starting back in September! :)

Dear Adventurers,


It has been a pleasure to teach you over the last three years- most of the time anyway! You have all worked so hard and become very responsible young people.


I hope that you enjoy looking at our class blog and our final memories together.


I wish you every success in high school and beyond,

Good luck and fond farewells,


Mrs Browne x

Year 6 Leaver's Montage

Still image for this video
Get your tissues at the ready as you look back at our Year 6 Leavers...

Year 6 had fun at their very own Lockdown Cinema for their last morning in school today.

Can you guess the member of St. John's staff from their baby pictures? Answers are near the end, so check to see if you are correct... no cheating!

Goodbye Year 6 from Mrs Hunter and all the staff at St. John's! You helped to give our small school a big heart!

Farewell message to Year 6 from the governors!

Still image for this video

Our final installment of Adventurers' letters and memories...

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

The first of our recordings looking back at Adventurers' memories of primary school and advising their younger selves.

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

IMG_3821 (1).mp4

Still image for this video

Year 6 have been working hard to create letters to their younger selves detailing their time at Primary School.


Look out for their videos on our class blog...coming very soon!

W.b. 6th July 2020- This will be the final home school learning grid for the summer term, as next week we will be focusing on end of term celebrations!!! :)

Can you solve the murder mystery?! Use the answers to check when you think you have cracked it!

W.b.Monday 29th June Home Learning Grid- I hope you enjoy tackling this week's activities- those children not in school, please can I have a copy of your letters to your past self to be included on the class montage by Friday 3rd July! Thank you.

Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz - Chapter 1

Anthony Horowitz reads the first chapter of Stormbreaker, the first Alex Rider novel! Join the Stormbreaker read-along here on YouTube every week.

Hi Adventurers,


I am really looking forward to welcoming some of you back to school tomorrow for the last month before the summer holidays! Unfortunately not everybody is able to return, but we will continue to communicate via the web-site and your home learning activities so look out for more messages!


Stay safe everyone,


Mrs Browne x

Home Learning Grid w.b. 22nd June- I have left some of the transition activities for another week as I have not seen many of them finished yet so please send them in as soon as possible!

Wow! you've had an action packed week with trips to the beach, walks in the local area and transition work for high school- well done Joshua!

W.b. 15th June- Home school Learning Grid- If you haven't done so already please send me your letters to your past self for editing, complete and email your transition booklet for your high school and continue to interact with TTRockstars and Thank you and have a fun and busy week! x

Wow! What quick work! It is great to see you thinking ahead and preparing for your transition to high school. Well done Austin and William!

This week's Home- Learning grid w.b 8th June- Remember it is important to complete the transition activities- especially the letter to your younger self for the Leaver's Presentation! :)

Letter to your younger self template of what to include:


  • Informal chatty language
  • Past tense
  • Chronological order
  • Memories of your time at primary school
  • Interesting/ funny for the reader
  • Set out in paragraphs- new paragraph for a change in time, topic/ theme etc
  • Use a range of sentence and paragraph openers




Hi Little Marrs bar,


Paragraph 1: Intro- why you are writing.

How are you? I know you are nervous about starting primary school but there's no need! You are about to embark on the greatest adventure you have ever had! Even better than those fairy stories you like to listen to. As your older, future self I will tell you all you need to know about life at St. John's Thornham.


Paragraph 2: Write about memories/ events that happened in Reception Miss Murphy.

On your first day, it will be nerve wracking. Mum will shed a tear and Dad will tell you to have fun. They will straighten your uniform and pack your pack 100 times or more! Don't worry, your teacher Mrs Read will greet you on the play ground and you will make lots of new friends- in particular Jodie who will be your best friend all the way through primary school. 

Continue with funny memories of your time in Reception/ Year 1.


Paragraph 3: Write about memories/ events that happened in Year 2 with Mrs Howarth/ Mrs Williams.


Paragraph 4: Write about memories/ events that happened in Year 3 with Mr Holland.


Paragraph 5: Write about memories/ events that happened in year 4/5 with Mrs Browne.


Paragraph 6: Write about memories/ events that happened in year 6.


Paragraph 7: Closing paragraph to sum up your time at primary school and maybe a point/ question for the future


Sign off- love from etc



I hope this helps to structure your letter- remember to email them over for me to have a look at and I can give you some pointers. There is no rush with this, I'd rather it was done right, so it will be on the home learning grid for the whole month of June.


I can't wait to read them! :) 




Wow! Lots of fantastic learning going on in preparation for coming back to school soon. Well done!


Still image for this video

Keep fit! Here are some physical challenges to try over June!

This week's home learning grid ( w. b 1st June) - please complete the transition book and the letter to your past Reception self- as soon as they are completed please email to me via the office. Any questions or help you may need let me know!

Check out this week's home learning grid and activities- w.b 25th May- Can you do them all? Remember to take photographs and email them into the office- we love seeing them!

Thank you Jorja and Joshua- your pictures really made me smile today! I am one appreciated teacher! :) #teacherappreciationday

Hi Everyone,


I hope everybody is continuing to keep safe and healthy.

There are lots of activities to complete this week- see attachments underneath!


As you may or may not be aware, it is Mental Health Awareness week this week and the theme is KINDNESS, I think especially at the moment it is key to look out for each other and show little acts of kindness to make sure people are o.k and mentally strong. I have attached the video from the Mental Health Foundation and thought you could perhaps produce your own version or create a collage of photographs to promote Mental Health Awareness Week! Please send any into the school office so I can have a look and share them on our class blog. I hope you enjoy making them!


Bye for now,


Mrs Browne x

Kindness Matters - Mental Health Foundation - Mental Health Awareness Week 2020

Did you know that kindness can be beneficial for our mental health? Find out more about Mental Health Awareness Week here:

Take a look at this week's Home Learning Grid ( Monday 18th May) and complete as many activities as possible- remember to look at the science experiment and "different ways to pray" activity.

This is a song that everybody will learn when we are reunited at school together but why not get a head start and learn the lyrics now?! :)


Wow! Great to see you keeping up with your 10,000 steps a day!

Wow! It is great to see our Adventurers' families celebrating V.E day in their own gardens- what a special treat!

Hi Adventurers,


Just me again! I hope you are all keeping well and have had another active week at home?!

Well, this week would have been SATS week and I am sure that you are so disappointed that you will not be sitting them- I know I am, as I know how hard you were all working to get the level that you deserved for the end of your primary school journey. However, we cannot dwell on that and we should look forward to the future and hopefully the celebrations that we can have to mark the end of an era for you all.


Did you do anything to mark V.E day last week? We had lots of fun, as you can see we baked, decorated the windows with homemade flags, flew aeroplanes and we ate afternoon tea in our front garden! We even got  little dressed up for the occasion! :) It was lovely to remember those who fought in the war for our freedom today.


There are quite a few learning activities to have a go at this week, so please make sure you have a go at them and links to websites on the home learning grid for further learning. Don't forget to carry on with and TTrockstars as normal- keep those brains working in preparation for high school!


Hope to see you soon,

Mrs Browne x

Wow! Taking a break from school work and doing some construction instead with family members- very impressive!

Wow! It's great to see children helping parents out at home as well as having fun and doing their own home learning.

Wow! You boys have been busy from toasting marshmallows to planting vegetables and creating your own pond for tadpoles! Keep up the hard work!

Hi Adventurers,


Here starts another week in lock down and working from home!

I had a great week at work last week with some of you and we did some great activities from crafting to aeroplane flight testing to forest school activities. (See photographs attached)

It was also nice to speak to you all on the phone and hearing about how you are keeping yourselves busy and helping out your parents too!


This upcoming Friday 8th May should have been a bank holiday to celebrate V.E Day so some of this weeks activities are related to this- why not decorate your house and create things to have your own lock down V.E Party at home?

I have also attached the usual home learning grid and a science experiment to have a go at- remember to complete SPAG and TTRockstars each week too!


I hope everyone is continuing to stay safe and healthy and I look forward to seeing you all soon,


Bye for now,

Mrs Browne x



This week's Home Learning Grid, science experiment and V.E Day Celebration pack- May the Fourth be with you! :)

Wow! Well done for comparing and contrasting Warhol and Picasso's art work. Also for making different coloured slime with your brother!

Hi Adventurers!


I hope everyone is keeping well and keeping busy over this unusual time.


Luckily, we have had some nice weather this week so the Browne family have been out in the garden lots getting fresh air and doing lots of gardening. As some of you are aware, we only moved house at the end of January so we are kept very busy doing DIY jobs!


I hope you are keeping up with some form of routine and school work as this really does help to structure your day- remember to add different activities that you are going to complete each day in the diaries I bought you for Christmas! These activities can include: home learning grids on the class blog, science investigation, personal physical challenges, spellings, spag,com, TTrockstars. morning maths and English challenges on the class blog and the SATS tests that were sent home. I am sure that there are lots of other things that you are doing with your family, which is great, but try to keep your brains active and structure your day, as this will help when moving up to high school.


I am moving to the Hub next week at Boarshaw Primary School so will look forward to spending time with some of you there. Otherwise, take care year 6 and hopefully see you soon.


Stay safe,

Mrs Browne x


Try this week's science investigation and let us know your results!

See how many of the activities you can complete this week- remember to send some photographs into the office so we can share them on our blog!

Wow! Lots of home learning examples is great to see the whole family getting involved too! Well done!

Wow! what a productive time you are having at home; from learning to knit to help NHS staff to creating a solar powered water fountain for the birds in your garden! Well done!

Personal Challenges- Keep Active! 


This calendar can be started at any point during the month and each day has a resource attached to it which explains it in detail. 


All these resources are readily available on the rbsgp website, if you/or your parents click the challenge titles it should take you straight to their website and the page where these are situation. 


Please record your results and send any photographs over to the office- 


Hope you enjoy doing them! :) 

Wow! Well done for using your forest school skills and creating a den in your own back garden!

Wow! Well done for testing out the science experiment- did it work? what could you conclude from your results? Look out for a new experiment to try next week too...

Why not try out this science investigation? Take some photographs and send them to the office so I can see your results.

I hope everyone had a great Easter holiday and the Easter Bunny paid you a visit! Here is our new home learning grid for next weeks activities...I hope you enjoy giving them a go! :)

Wow! What a fantastic homemade cross Jorja made with her sister for the Easter celebration- I love how colourful you have made it!

Wow! Look at Ben's art work related to the Crucifixion using natural resources! :)

What a lovely way to remember this unique time that we are spending at home- well done Sasha!

Wow! Look at these delicious treats- my favourite cake is red velvet too ;)

A little message from the staff

Still image for this video

Hi Adventurers,


I hope you have a fun and safe holy week, leading up to Easter Sunday! :) 

I have attached some Easter type activities this week, alongside the blue squares on the grid- this should last you two weeks! There are also some separate activity sheets attached linked to the current situation and what you have been up to whilst not being at school.


Remember to take part in the decorate an egg competition- the Browne family are starting their entry today!


Stay home, stay safe and hopefully the Easter bunny reaches you to deliver some eggy treats!



Mrs Browne x

Art and R.E Challenge: Can you create a piece of art work from natural materials to represent different events which occurred during Holy Week? Please take photographs and email them into the office- I would love to see them :)

Ooops... sorry Adventurers I forgot to print out the spelling test instructions for Spag test 2. Give it to your parents to test you! Thank you for the reminder Mrs Wilson! :)

WOW! Look at William's electronics! He's made a radio and an alarm- excellent work!

Hi Adventurers,


I hope everybody is keeping well and enjoying spending that extra time with their families- as well as doing some home learning. Please email the office to show us what you've been up to - I can then add some examples on our class blog! 


This week has been a busy one for us at home from decorating, salt- dough making, football drills, cake making to number and phonics work. We celebrated my husband's birthday this week and with not being able to go out we had lots of fun in the house and garden instead!



I am getting ready to go into school tomorrow and see some of you- I know Miss Callaghan has lots of exciting activities planned...:) 


See you soon,

Mrs Browne x

Take a peak at the next home learning grid- how many activities can you complete?

Don't forget to complete your activities on  SPAG.COM AND TTROCKSTARS!!!

Hi Adventurers!


I hope you are all keeping well over this very strange period... I am sure that you are making the most of not being at school though and the gorgeous weather! I have decided to keep a bit of a diary over the coming weeks as to what I have been up to and how I am keeping myself busy- it would be great to hear from you guys too! I will try and keep you updated on a weekly basis.


As school is still open, the staff have split up into three teams- I am in team two so I am able to work from home this week. I am trying to see the positive side in this and I have been able to spend a lot more time with my son that I wouldn't normally get to do. He isn't going to nursery either so I have been doing lots of little kids kind of teaching and learning! You know this is out of my comfort zone year 6! However, so far so good and we are enjoying it- even phonics! :) 


Anyway, I hope we get to see each other very soon- please take care of yourselves and your families- remember to stay at home! 


It's not good's see you later!


Mrs Browne x


P.s I have attached a photograph of what we've been up to so far- who knew I was so creative?! :) 

P.E with Joe | Wednesday 25th March 2020

Day three of my 9am daily workouts- will you be tuning in tomorrow? The Browne family have! :)

Home Learning grid week beginning 23.3.20- have a go at some of the activities.

Practise your spellings off the Year 5/6 spelling list and test yourself- have you remembered the patterns?

In the unfortunate cases where children are not able to attend school but are still well in themselves please help them to continue on their learning journey by completing the activities in the grid below. The activities in blue should be completed daily and those in orange are one off activities. We have also set a whole school 'Dippy' challenge too. You will also find below the Dippy Enquiry walk booklets for each Key Stage to support your child in completing their project.  A new class specific grid will be uploaded each week by the class teacher in the event that children may have further time off school. 
Of course, Year 6 need some added extras to keep them busy and on track- with a elbow tap from Mrs. B!

The first book we will look at this half term is called "Cloth Lullaby - The Woven Life of Louise Bourgeois". (A French 20th century artist) We have lots of writing activities planned related to the book.

Fractions and decimals- can you match them to find their equivalences? What are the patterns?How could you calculate to find the equivalences?

Welcome back Adventurers!


I hope you have had a relaxing and fun half term holiday- despite the weather! I am looking forward to Spring 2 and the different and exciting activities that we have planned.

Our new topic for this short half term is GALLERY REBELS and we will be focusing on two famous artists- Andy Warhol and Pablo Picasso; comparing and contrasting their art work and the medium that they used.

Adventurers have worked incredibly hard this week, sitting MOCK SATS in preparation for the real thing. Well done year 6- your knowledge and understanding is improving all of the time!

Adventurers preparing their Mayan Museum this week in Design Technology- we look forward to giving you the tour...

Our WOW this week is "sufficient"- what does it mean? How could you use it in a sentence?

Year 6 using concrete resources in maths today to demonstrate their understanding of decimal numbers.

Adventurers have been applying their learnt skills in P.E today, during our first table- tennis tournament. We had heats and finished on an exciting final! Well done to our table- tennis CHAMPIONS!

Adventurers making Mexican Food in Design Technology as part of our "HOLA MEXICO" topic this half term.

Adventurers carrying out research in the form of taste- testing before planning their own Mexican meal.

Adventurers have been classification connoisseurs in science this week.- children created different classification keys to sort living things (and sweets) into groups using their similarities and differences..

Our Christian value this half term is Love. Adventurers are SENDING THEIR LOVE through prayers that they have created. Some are personal to people they know, others are for people around the world who are experiencing difficult times in their lives.

Adventurers have been applying their descriptive writing skills to describe Camp Green Lake from our novel "Holes". The presentation and content is fantastic! Well done Adventurers!

Holes - Trailer

The award-winning bestseller comes to life in this phenomenally fun, adventure-filled movie starring Emmy Award-winner Shia LaBeouf. Dogged by bad luck stemming from an ancient family curse, young Stanley Yelnats (LaBeouf) is sent to Camp Green Lake, a very weird place that's not green and doesn't have a lake.

We will be focusing on the book "Holes" by Louis Sachar in English this half term- it has also been made into a Disney film which we hope to watch to compare and contrast events.

Our Spring 1 topic is "Hola Mexico" where we will be learning everything Mexican including: the history of the Mayans, authentic Mexican food, researching historical Mexican artefacts, The Day of the Dead and much more...



I hope you have had a lovely Christmas and new year with your families.

I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow for our first day back- ready and raring to go! :)


Mrs Browne x


Year 6 are braving the weather today and participating in bike-ability training- good luck year 6!

Our sentence of the week is:


Charles Darwin was born in 1809.


Children were asked to develop this simple sentence in order to improve it. They could include: a fronted adverbial, additional clauses, interesting openers, adverbs or adjectives.


These a few examples of what the children created:


- Charles Robert Darwin, who was the fifth child of Robert and Susannah Darwin, was born on the 12th February 1809.


-Charles Robert Darwin entered this great world on the 12th February 1809 in "The Mount House", Shrewsbury, which was the family home.


- On the 12th February 1809, Susannah Darwin gave birth to Charles Robert Darwin (her fifth child) in The Mount House, Shrewsbury.

Before writing our Charles Darwin biographies, we ordered key events in his life into chronological order.

Adventurers have been investigating the voyage of Charles Darwin today in Topic lesson. They have been studying different artefacts to answer questions related to some of the places he visited around the world such as: Australia, The Galapagos Islands and South America.

Adventurers have been investigating features of biographies in English today...

In Flanders' Fields

Still image for this video
We are learning "In Flanders' Fields" off by heart to mark Remembrance Day this year. We will then create our own stanza to include in the poem which follows a similar pattern focusing on rhyming couplets, rhythm and the number of syllables per line.

We have been learning the poem "In Flanders Fields" in a very active way- testing our memory as well as our fitness!

Our first English unit this half term will be studying the poem "In Flanders Fields" written by John McCrae during WW1 to mark Remembrance Day in the 11th hour on the 11th day, in the 11th month...

Image result for flanders field poem

Take a look at autumn 2's homework grid, choose the options best suited to you and how you learn!

Welcome Back Adventurers


Our new half termly topic is: BEAST CREATORS.

We will be focusing a lot on evolution and inheritance, looking at how animals have evolved over time to suit their environments and habitats. It will be an exciting half term, as well as having all of the Christmas activities to look forward to!



Happy Half Term Everyone!


I hope you all enjoy your break but remember to complete the Key Stage 2 practice Maths and SPaG Tests!

They are due in on the first Friday back :) 

Adventurers made an unusual discovery today in the school grounds- several "creatures" had escaped from a classified box. We didn't know what they were or why they had come to our school- we were all baffled. We took them back to our classroom to investigate and experiment on them. Look out for our finished report coming soon...

Adventurers have been applying their badminton skills this afternoon by playing mini games against one- another! They have been working on different techniques and when to use them during game play!

What a great afternoon of sport!

This is why you need to learn your times tables!

Our Word of the Week is.... Mysterious. Can you use it in conversation this week at home and in school?

Adventurers have been trying really hard to talk using standard English within the classroom- does one speak like the Queen?

The Lost Thing Trailer

In a world of rivets and drabness, a boy befriends a fantastical red creature that appears to be totally lost: based on the writer-director Tan's prize-winning children's book. Directed by Shaun Tan. This film is part of the Sydney Film Festival. June 2-14 2010.

What do you think "The Lost Thing" is?

Another practical maths lesson in Adventurers' class today adding decimal numbers!

Don't forget to check the homework grid to see what activity you are doing next...

We have been making our own inferences based on the pictures from the book "Brother Eagle, Sister Sky", generating some fantastic vocabulary and rhetorical questions.

Adventurers will be focusing on the book BROTHER EAGLE, SISTER SKY for the first part of the autumn term. The book details life as a Native American over 150 years ago and what they had to endure when Europeans took over their lands. It is a very thought provoking book about how everybody is linked and part of the "web of life". We look forward to producing some pieces of poetry and persuasive writing based on the book.

Year 6 using resources to PROVE how they rounded a number in maths today. We were seeing patterns and rules which helped us to round to the nearest 10,000!

Adventurers doing an "Injustice" workshop with Christian Aid today. It was very informative and the children learnt a lot.

Adventurers are back and hard at work!

Welcome Back Adventurers!


Our first topic of the year will be "Amazing America" focusing on all things stateside.



Take a sneaky peek of what's going on in the classroom this year! Lots more to see tomorrow...



I hope that you are enjoying the final week of the summer holidays in the sunshine.


Look out for updates about the year ahead- I look forward to seeing you bright- eyed and bushy- tailed on the first day of school next Wednesday!



Manchester Cathedral Year 6 Leavers' Service


Year 6 were lucky enough to be, once again, invited to take part in the Year 6 Leavers' Service at Manchester Cathedral. They were part of 600 Year 6 children from across the Diocese of Manchester to take part in a Leavers Service at Cathedral. The service was a wonderful celebration of our children, their journey through primary education and everything they have achieved. The Bishop blessed the children and wished them every success as they move on. 

Whalley Abbey Trip


Years 5 and 6 had a fantastic time visiting the historic Whalley Abbey. Joined by Mrs Hunter, Rev. Jason and a number of the school governors, the children had the opportunity to reflect on the successes of their school year, as well as the challenge of moving class/school next year. 


Rev. Jason introduced the story of the chicken and the eagle (see below) and encouraged the children to think about what the message 'behind' the story was. Years 5 and 6 gave some fantastic responses and discussed the importance of being themselves, knowing their dreams and aiming to soar high. 


After lunch, the children worked on creating clothing for miniature fabric people. They then wrote the lessons they had learnt in the morning on to their creations.

The Chicken & The Eagle

We often become what people tell us we are. Choose what you want to be. It might be who you've been all along.

Year 5 and 6 Visit to Whalley Abbey

Summer 2 Homework Grid

Above is a link to Year 6's homework grid for this half-term. Children should bring in a piece of grid homework to share each Thursday (starting Thursday 13th June). 

Delving into Dissection 


This morning Year 6 transformed the classroom in to a laboratory, fully equipped to help them explore the mysteries of the heart. They enjoyed the gruesome challenge of dissecting a real pig's heart. 


The children worked very sensibly and were able to carry out the dissection with surgical proficiency. They cut in to the left and right ventricles of the heart and investigated the thickness of the muscle walls. After this, they then made further incisions to find out how the valves of the heart worked and the importance of the coronary artery. 


Despite some initial hesitance, all the children who took part had a fantastic time and some even considered what it would be like to become a heart surgeon. 

Well Done Year 6!


SATs week can be a very testing time for children in Year 6, where in the space of a few short hours, they have to try and demonstrate a lifetime of  learning in English and mathematics. 


In the face of this formidable task, I've been really impressed by the attitudes of lots of Adventurers who have shown dedication, perseverance and bravery. I am very proud of them. 


Well done Year 6! 


(Mr Holland)

Homeless At 14: On The Streets Of Manchester

Year 6 have been exploring the sometimes hidden, sometimes extremely visible world of homelessness in Manchester. We watched this short video that explains how Daniel ended up on the streets after a family tragedy and we thought about some of the day-to-day difficulties he would face.

Way Home

Way Home


This term Year 6 will be considering the devastating impact of what it would be like to become homeless. We will be putting ourselves in to the shoes of others and imagining the daily struggles of people who do not have a home. 


The picture book 'Way Home' by Libby Hathorn is an excellent starting point as it details the journey of a young boy navigating the city by night. 


The Adventurers will be using this story as a basis to create their own dark and suspense-filled adventures.

Science Week


This week the whole school have donned their lab coats and safety goggles and entered in to the spirit of our science week. Year 6 has been no exception.


As part of science week, we have chosen to accept a dangerous and daring mission- to create our own submissions for Google's Luna X prize (with a substantial $20,000,000 prize). 


Luna X is a project that has seen teams from around the world competing to land a lunar rover on the surface of the moon with the aim of collecting data and transmitting it back to Earth. What was previously only do-able by superpowers, is now being attempted by small teams of individuals on a (relatively) shoe-string budget. 


Year 6 have worked in groups to design a lunar rover, devise a system of controlling it, investigate the rocketry necessary for it to escape Earth's gravity and have even worked in groups to create a sci-fi story of what their rover might uncover during its out-of-this-world adventure. 

Sphero Coding 


Sphero is a spherical robot capable of being controlled and programmed by anything with a bluetooth connection. This week we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to explore what is possible with Sphero. The children thought carefully about how to navigate the Sphero app and how to apply their prior coding knowledge to a new situation. 


Year 6 loved having the opportunity to race their Spheros around the hall by drawing a path on their iPads before then moving on to the potentially difficult task of using Scratch-like coding blocks to complete a number of challenges.  



As part of Year 6's science lessons, this week the children were set a series of challenges designed to test their ability to design, test and fix different types of circuit. 


The Adventurers had great fun exploring simple and parallel circuits, predicting which would work and then designing their own electronic creations. 


We are soon going to be applying our knowledge of electricity to our D.T. project (creating a electronic board game). 

Crafting Circuits

Let My People Go!


This week Year 6 have been working hard in their R.E. lessons led by Mrs Purser. The Adventurers have been revisiting the story of Moses and the exodus out of Egypt. 


The children were challenged to recreate this story in a new and creative way. We had comic strips, poems and performances which all tried to explain the key events. 




Still image for this video



This term the Adventurers will be reading and exploring the fantastic novel 'Framed' by Frank Cottrell Boyce. We started this topic by exploring the pictures on display at The National Gallery , we then played a game of 'Just a Minute' where the children had to use their research to speak for a minute about their chosen painting without repetition, hesitation or deviation. 




Still image for this video

The British Red Cross- First Aid


This week the children in Year 6 undertook the first of two sessions they will be participating in led by The Red Cross. 


First aid saves lives and knowing what to do in an emergency can make all the difference. In order to help improve the children's knowledge and confidence of  first aid, we were glad to welcome our instructor in to our classroom to show us some of the basics. 


The children were split in to groups- each focusing on a different aspect of first aid. They were then encouraged of thinking up a creative way of demonstrating how to help someone in a particular situation. We had some fabulous drama pieces created to show the correct way of dealing with burns, seizures and head injuries. We also had a brilliant piece of art depicting what to do if someone suffered a deep and serious cut. 


After this, the children were able to get hands on and acted through placing someone who was unconscious (but breathing) in the recovery position.  They then had a go with the CPR dummies and the mock-defibrillator, so that they would know what to do in the event that they came across somebody who was unconscious but not breathing.

Fun in the snow

Ratio and Proportion 


This week Year 6 have been getting hands on with maths. We have been exploring the terms ratio and proportion and have conducted several investigations in to what they mean and how they link to other areas of mathematics.


We first turned our hand to paint mixing and were able to see how once we had found the perfect shade of bright orange to paint Mr Holland's kitchen we would have to scale up our ratio from teaspoons to paint buckets. 


We then undertook construction tasks using multi-link cubes. We were able to construct all manner of items using the cubes that conformed to certain ratios of brick colours. 


In the final few days of this week, we have been trying to apply our understanding of ratio and proportion to real life problems. Underneath this post you will find this week's maths challenge. We already have a number of different possible solutions on our working wall. Will anyone be able to crack it? 


Maths Challenge w/b 14.01.19

¡Hola Mexico!

In an effort to try and leave behind the dreariness of Manchester's January's weather, this term The Adventurers' class will be exploring the fascinating culture, history and art of Mexico.

Merry Christmas! /  Καλά Χριστούγεννα!



Merry Christmas from all of the Adventurers' Class! 


This year, as part of our whole-school investigation in to Christmas celebrations around the world, we undertook a study in to Greek Christmas. 


We researched, designed and made our very own Christmas boats. But our creations didn't just have to look amazing, we were also tasked with ensuring that our boats were sea-worthy (they had to be able to float). 


The children had a great time creating and decorating their boats and when the moment of truth came (when the boats were cast off in to water) I'm glad to report that almost every design was a success.


Interactive Inheritance!


The Adventurers' Class have had a fantastic day today learning all about inheritance. With the help of Tony North (an evolution, inheritance and natural selection expert) the children took part in a wide variety of different activities that helped them understand the science behind why animals and plants resemble their parents. 

Year 6 Discuss Gender

"Does your gender affect the job you choose?"


This was the question Year 6 set to tackle this afternoon. The children discussed important issues of stereotypes and pre-defined roles in our society. They were able to talk through whether there are such things as 'boy and girl jobs' and what we could do to make sure all people, no matter their gender, are treated equally.


We also spent time this morning examining the lyrics to Aloe Blacc's 'The Man'. Initially, we thought that the song was about somebody being confident, but after considering our Picture News question, maybe it can be interpreted differently. 

Aloe Blacc - The Man

This week we have been able to display some of the children's fabulous positive/negative space art in our classroom.  We started by examining optical illusions such as the one below and discussed how we could create art work that used similar techniques. 


The children were keen to suggest that we could create animal art works to link with our evolution themed topic. I think you will agree that the results are fantastic and that they have produced work they should be extremely proud of.

Positive/Negative Space Art