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In Computing Year 1 have been learning to name the different parts of a computer and laptop. They played a game to practice using the trackpad

Reception are really enjoying the brand new climbing wall in our outdoor area ☺️

Welcome to Explorers

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In Science we have been learning all about our bodies. Today we were exploring our five senses. We went on a senses walk around our school to discover what we could see, touch, smell, taste and hear.

In Geography Year 1 have been looking at maps and direction. One of their challenges in provision was to go and make a compass and label it with the correct directions. How amazing are the ones they have made! Well done Year 1 ⭐️

Reception are settling in well into school life. They are really enjoying exploring all the toys and getting used to playing with their new friends

Reception really enjoyed their first PE lesson on Friday. We played lots of games to practice our listening skills and to keep our bodies active. 

This week year 1 have been recapping numbers within 10. Here they are completing the missing numbers in the sequence. They were practising to count on from any number within 10 instead of starting from 0.

Hello Explorers! ☺️ 

I hope you have all had a fantastic Summer holiday and have had a well deserved break. I can’t wait to hear all about what you have been up too! I am really looking forward to welcoming our new Reception children - I hope you are all excited to explore your new classroom! I have put some pictures on below as all the teachers have been busy in school to make sure it is ready for you on Monday. I can’t wait to see all your beautiful smiling faces at the front gate on Monday morning! 
Enjoy your weekend!


Love Miss Callaghan x

Reception really enjoy growing their brains during continuous provision time.

Year 1 have been exploring fractions in Maths! Here they are working together to find one quarter of different amounts.

Explorers children really enjoyed the activities through Sports Week! We competed in our school teams in events such as the bean bag throw, standing jump and lots of different races. Have a look at the photographs to see how much fun we had!

Year 1 have been predicting what might happen next in the story of Supertato! They worked together or by themselves to create a new scene introducing some new characters. They performed their scenes to their peers at the Puppet Show. We hope you enjoy watching too!

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Video 4

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Video 2

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Video 1

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In Forest School Year 1 have been reading the story ‘The Lorax’. They have been making journey sticks using natural materials. They have been thinking about how we can take care of and look after our Plant Earth. 



I am so proud of how well you have all settled back into school life over the past 3 weeks. You have shown fantastic resilience and have produced some fantastic pieces of work. I hope you all have a wonderful Easter holiday and hopefully we will have lots of sun so you can play out in the garden or even take a trip to the park. Remember to keep me up to date with your sunflowers as I’d love to see how well they are growing! 
I will see you on Monday 19th April when we return to school for our new term.


Miss. Callaghan 


Easter Song - Spring in my toes

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This half-term Year 1 have been designing and creating their own windmills in DT. We used the TASC wheel to help us to work through each process. Here are the children using their designs to make their windmills. They are super neat and I am very proud! Well done Year 1 ⭐️

Here are Explorers learning our school dance to the Sea Shanty song! They absolutely loved learning it and singing along too. Remember to keep practicing at home if you can so that you know the dance ready for when we can hopefully perform it as a whole school ⭐️😊

Sea Shanty Dance

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Today Year 1 have been designing their own windmills in Design and Technology. As it was such beautiful weather, we put our sheets on to clipboards and lay on the grass outside in the sun whilst we thought carefully about the patterns and colours we would usesmiley

The Reception children are trying hard with their independent writing and I couldn’t be more proud. Have a look at the writing on the pictures below of the children who have been writing about the things they have made during busy time ⭐️

In Maths Year 1 have been learning about measurement. This week we have been using standard units to measure and record different heights and lengths. The children were very good at remembering we start from 0 in order to get an accurate measurement. Well done Year 1! ⭐️

Reception have been learning all about Spring and have been looking at different pictures which represent Springtime. This week we incorporated some ICT using the code-a-pillars. The children placed their chosen Spring picture on the floor and they then had to program the code-a-pillar correctly until it reached the picture. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t but the children worked together in their pair using their gross mindset and didn’t give up. Well done Reception ⭐️

Welcome back Explorers! I am so happy to see all of your beautiful smiling faces at my door again. This term is only a short one but we have lots of fun things to do and learn smiley 
You should now have your new homework grids in your homework books but I have also uploaded these on to Tapestry therefore if you make anything at home, you can evidence it through the app. I also love to see what else you are up to so if you have done anything exciting please share this with me too! For the rest of the half-term Year 1 are going to be learning about plants, continents and oceans, Tim Berners-Lee and Queen Victoria and we will be reading We're Going On A Beart Hunt by Michael Rosen and Whatever Next! By Jill Murphy. 

Reception will be learning all about Spring. Im looking forward to planting our own sunflowers and vetegables this half-term - watch this space! 



You have made it! 5 whole weeks of remote learning and I couldn't be more proud of you all! I have loved looking at all the fantastic learning that you have been doing at home from painting and drawing, to homemade balance scales and clocks, amazing writing in Phonics... you are superstars! 
I hope you have a wonderful break over half-term and spend some quality time with your families. I have attached a grid on the document below with some ideas of things you could get up too if you are stuck with what you can do. 
I will look forward to seeing you all again ready for dough disco on Monday 22nd February! 
Enjoy your week. 
Miss. Callaghan x

What a busy week you have all had this week Explorers!
Reception have been learning all about weight and capacity in Maths. They have been comparing different objects and predicting with their hands to feel which one is object is the heaviest and which is the lightest.
Well done to all those children who made their own balance scales- they were fantastic!
When learning about capacity, Reception have been filling different cups and showing what full, nearly full, half full, nearly empty and empty looks like. 
They have also been baking, creating their own small world, drawing and writing about their favourite animals and developing fine motor skills by threading cheerios on to spaghetti!
Year 1 have been learning all about the Great Fire of London this week in History, investigating everyday materials in Science to see which ones are waterproof and windproof and they have been planning and designing their own houses in Design and Technology. In Maths they have been busy using numberlines to support them with subtraction.

Well done everybody!smiley

This week Reception have been learning all about height and length in Maths. They have been comparing different objects and exploring the vocabulary of shortest, longest, tallest, taller etc. I also set them the challenge to learn a new Nursery Rhyme that they don't already know! They have also been challenging their physical development skills by den building and growing their self-esteem by talking about what they like about themselves.
Year 1 have been learning all about the capital city Edinburgh in Geography, comparing and grouping everyday materials in Science and they have been printing like William Blake in Art!

Well done Explorers, you are working really hard and I am so impressed with the daily Maths and Phonics activities you are engaging with. Some of the activities can be a little challenging but you show great perseverance. I am very proud to be your teacher! 

Remote Learning WC 25th January

Please find below this weeks remote learning grids for both year groups. You can also find these on Showbie in the weekly grids folder smiley

Another fantastic week for remote learning Explorers! This week Reception have been exploring 3D shape, junk modelling, practising their coding skills around the house and developing their skills to take turns and learn that is okay if we don't win when playing a game.

Year 1 have been learning about Florence Nightingale in History, researching different house types from around the world in Design and Technology, continuing to explore materials by describing the properties and so much more! 
Well done everybody I am so proud of you all 

Wow Explorers! You have blown me away this week with all the fantastic learning you have done at home in your first full week of remote learning. yes Keep it up!

Hello Explorers I hope you're all safe and well. Thank you for your engagement on Showbie this week I am so proud of you all!

Below are your working timetables for next week. Each day you will have Phonics, Maths and then a foundation subject (Year 1) or an activity (Reception) to complete. 

Try to make sure you complete all 3 activities in a day. 


Good luck and I hope to be back in the classroom with you all very soon!

Miss. Callaghan xx

Good Morning.  I hope you are all well.  I will be touch tomorrow about the procedures for the next few weeks.  In the meantime please can you download the Showbie app if you have not already done so and then Sign up to showbie using the instructions below.  Some of the remote learning will be put on this platform for your child to access..


Sign Up with a Username

Tap on the button that says Sign Up for Free and you’re on your way to creating your own Showbie account.

  1. I’m a Student
  2. Sign Up with a Username; Signing Up with Google and Other Sign-up Options are a bit different (see below)
  3. Type in your account information and then tap Sign Up when you’re done. If your teacher gave you a class code already, type it in now and then tap Join Class. Don’t have a code yet? Just tap Skip and join a class later instead

Note: Remember that student accounts don’t need an email address. You can leave the Email field empty and still create an account.


Christmas song

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Merry Christmas!


Well done Explorers, we have made it to the end of the first term! I am so proud of how much progress you have all made since September. You have all worked exceptionally hard and I am very lucky to have such wonderful children in my class. Well done again for your fantastic acting to retell the Christmas story in your nativity. 


I hope you and your families have a wonderful break and I will look forward to seeing you all again on the 4th January!


Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 



Reception really enjoyed Forest School this week. They were busy making their own animal masks. Have a look at their designs - we think they are amazing!
Year 1 children have been busy this week using 10 frames to help them to find all the number bonds to 10! They have been trying hard with addition this half-term. Well done Year 1 keep it up!

Happy half-term Explorers!


Well done for completing the first half-term of the year. It has been lovely getting to know all of the Reception children and seeing all the year 1 children again!

I hope you have a well deserved break this week and I look forward to the next half-term where we will begin preparations for our Nativity. 


See you on Monday 2nd November! 


Miss. Callaghan x

Year 1 - Big Red Combined Harvester

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Explorers Harvest Song - A Picture Of Autumn

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Year 1 have created some fantastic Art this week using natural materials. They have been inspired by the work of Henri Rousseau as he enjoyed painting pictures of the jungle using his imagination. Together we looked at 'real life' images of a jungle and tried to recreate them in our own way. 
Please find attached the homework grids for each year group as well as a copy of the homework letter that is in your child's homework book. I have also attached a copy of the letter which was sent to you via email which includes lots of information about our class and the year ahead.

Home Learning 7th September - 18th September

In school we are focusing on developing healthy minds through lots of wonderful picture books. Our assemblies and lessons for the first two weeks will focus on these books which will help us to think about our thoughts, our busy minds, our feelings and how to deal with our emotions when we are feeling worried, sad, cross or anxious! As you do not have the books at home we have shared the links on the grids so you can listen as someone reads it to you. Listen carefully to the words in the book and enjoy the lovely illustrations. When you do come back to school you will be able to see all the books on the display in the school hall with lots of things to help you to think about the messages the books are giving us!

Welcome back Explorers! It has been wonderful seeing all your smiling faces today - I cannot believe how tall the year 1 children have got and how many teeth they are missing! The tooth fairy has definitely been busy over the Summer! I have loved welcoming our new Reception children today and I can't wait for a funfilled year with you all. There are lots of new toys to play with and new routines to ensure we are safe in school. I am really looking forward to being your teacher this year!

Wow Explorers, Miss. Callaghan and her team have been working really hard to get your classroom ready for you starting school. Look at the beautiful new playhouse!

A message from Miss. Callaghan

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Below I have attached a booklet containing lots of different ideas for things to get up to over the Summer holidays! Explorers, I am so proud of each and every one of you! This year has been very different for us all and I think you have all taken it in your stride and adapted so well! Some of you I will teach again in September whilst some of you will move up into Mrs. Howarth's class in Year 2! I have loved being your teacher this year and you all continue to amaze me with everything you do. I hope you all have a fantastic Summer and I look forward to seeing your smiling faces in September.

Love Miss Callaghan xx

Can you guess the member of St. John's staff from their baby photographs? Check your answers to see if you guessed right towards the end of the power point! GOOD LUCK and NO CHEATING!!

I am really enjoying looking at the photographs of your home learning! Keep sending in your photographs to or alternatively tweet them @StJohnsThornham smiley

All photographs will be added onto this slideshow so keep checking regularly for updates! 
It is wonderful to see so many of you are being so resilient and adaptive to learning at home.

Hello Explorers!

It has been lovely to see some of your smiling faces returning to school over the past 2 weeks and those who haven't, I have enjoyed seeing your photographs of your home learning! We are almost near to the Summer holidays we have just 3 weeks left so please keep sending things in for me to see. I am missing you all very much and enjoyed speaking to a couple of you on the phone on Wednesday... those who I didn't get to speak to I will try to phone again this week whilst I am in school. 

I hope you are all keeping safe and well with your families and I hope to see you all as soon!

Love Miss Callaghan x

Another fantastic science experiment!

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Hello Explorers! I am still really missing you very much but I hope you are still keeping super safe with your families. I love being updated with all the wonderful things you are doing and seeing your smiley faces. I have loved looking at your Science experiments this week and your dough disco routines... I might have to steal some of those ideas myself!! Hopefully it won't be much longer before I get to see some more of you and I can't wait! I have been at home most days playing swing ball in the garden with my little brother or in the hot tub! Maybe this week you could ask your grown ups to help you to write me an email to let me know what you have been getting up too, I would love to be able to send you some replies! 

Hope you see you all very soon.

Love Miss Callaghan x

Wow! Another fantastic Science experiment by one of our Year 1 children!

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I love this erupting volcano that one of our Year 1 children has made for her science experiment! Well done!

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What a fantastic dough disco routine that this child in year 1 has created!


Read Write Inc Phonics Information
Children can practise writing the Read Write Inc. Phonics Speed Sounds they are learning with 62 free Speed Sounds practice sheets now available on Oxford Owl for Home. They have also added the My Set 1 and My Sets 2 and 3 books as free eBooks, which contain helpful visual prompts. Access them and more free resources here:

Please find below a calendar for May sent by Edstart with a PE exercise that you can do everyday to keep fit.  You could involve the whole family!

Anyone who has given the exercises a go can get a certificate at the end of the month.  Happy exercising!

Information for parents
From conversations I had with most of you last week when I rang your children, I know some of you were asking what kind of things would your child need to know by the end of the academic year.
Reception parents - we have this outlined on our school website under the Key Information tab, EYFS and then Early Learning Goals. Here you are able to see what the expectations are. 
Year 1 parents - if you Google National Curriculum, all the objectives are outlined for each year group and for each subject. 
Please do not worry - the time you are spending with your children cooking, baking, daily walks etc. is precious. Enjoy your family time whilst you have it and use the grid as and when it fits into your daily routine but do try to complete most of the activities throughout the week.
If you have any questions or concerns or even any suggestions from your children of things they would like me to put onto the grid, please do email the school office and I will get back to you as soon as I can. I hope you see you all very soon. Keep staying safe and remember you are all doing a fantastic job. Love Miss. Callaghan xx
Hello Explorers! It was lovely to speak to you all this week on the phone and I am so glad to hear you are all keeping safe and well. You are all doing such fantastic learning at home! This week we've had children making bird houses, creating their own zoo and habitats for the animals, using spring flowers to create a collage, symmetry, having tea parties to celebrate the queens birthday and so much more!! Keep up the fantastic work - you are all amazing! 

This little boy in Year 1 has been practising a new sport at home! Well done!

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Some wise words from a few of our favourite book characters. I hope you like them as much as I did smiley
Hello Explorers! I hope you have had a lovely Easter and got to eat some yummy chocolate eggs! Lots of you have been sending in your photographs of what you have been up too so here are some of mine. I have been doing lots of baking this week - I made Kinder Bueno Cookies and I used the receipe from your Easter home learning grid for the non-cheese cheesecakes, I really enjoyed them they were delicious! I even had enough mixture left to make one big cake smiley. My Mum and Dad also bought a hot tub this week for the garden!! We have loved getting in whilst the sun has been shining. I am still making sure I am doing some form of exercise every day and have decided to train to run 5K without stopping - I haven't managed the whole way without stopping just yet but that is my goal! 
I am missing you all very much and hope to see you all soon xxx

A little message from all the staff

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Happy Easter Explorers! Over the next 2 weeks your home learning grid is based around fun Easter and Spring activities for you to choose from. Do still continue with the blue squares from previous grids but remember to give yourselves a break too as I'm sure you've been working very hard! Remember, keep safe and stay at home! smiley
Hi Explorers! I hope you have enjoyed your first full week of home learning with your grown ups and have been busy with lots of the activities from the home learning grid! I thought I would write you a little message to let you know what I have been getting up too. I've spent most of my days this week sat in the garden with my dog Willow working on my laptop looking at different learning activities we can do when we are finally back together. I have also been helping my brother with his home learning too - he is in Year 4 so it is all very new to me! Here is a picture of my dog, I hope it makes you smile as much as it does me! Remember to keep smiling and stay at home! Remember to tweet @StJohnsThornham so I can see what you are getting up too! See you soon xxx



To my lovely class. I just want to write you a little note to tell you all how much I am going to miss you and how proud I am of each of you. At this very surreal moment in time it is hard enough being an adult trying to understand what is happening in the world right now let alone for young children but I am so proud of how sensible you are all being. For some of you I will still see your smiling faces each day but for most, our learning journey together will need to be on pause for a while to keep us all safe and healthy. I will be thinking of you and your families every day - please do tweet or email any learning you are doing as I would love to see what you are getting up too whilst you are at home! 

I will see you all very soon. 

Lots of love Miss Callaghan xx



Fantastic news!  The phonics scheme we follow at St. John's are going to do daily phonics sessions LIVE. I reccommend Reception children to do the Set 2 sessions and Year 1 do the Set 3. Follow this link and it will take you to the YouTube channel. More information about times are given on the link below.

Ruth Miskin have also uploaded some of our home reading books onto the Oxford Owl. There is more information about how to access these through the link below also.

Below are a range of useful websites for your child to access whilst learning from home. I hope you find these useful x



In the unfortunate cases where children are not able to attend school but are still well in themselves please help them to continue on their learning journey by completing the activities in the grid below. The activities in blue should be completed daily and those in orange are one off activities. We have also set a whole school 'Dippy' challenge too. You will also find below the Dippy Enquiry walk booklets for each Key Stage to support your child in completing their project.  A new class specific grid will be uploaded each week by the class teacher in the event that children may have further time off school. 

Today we have leant a poem called 'I'm going to build a house'. We thought of our own actions to help us to remember each verse. 

In Science this half-term we have been learning about materials. Our Science question is 'Which material would be best for the 3 little pigs to build a house?' We decided to investigate which materials would be waterproof and windproof. First we made our predictions and then tested the materials to give us our results. We found that rock and metal were the best materials as both were waterproof and windproof. 

Year 1 children have been using the 10 frames and 2 sided counters to help them to find all the number bonds to 20
This half-term in Art we have been learning about William Morris and his work. First we looked at wallpapers he had created and picked out similar features such as flowers, leaves and birds. We also noticed he uses lots of swirls. First we sketched some of his ideas in our Art books. Then we created our own wallpaper by printing. We used plastercine and moulded it into the shape that we wanted such as a petal or a leaf. We used a pencil to create texture and then painted and printed our moulds. We created some fantastic designs!
In PE we have been learning about different ways to travel and different types of jumps. We have learnt a range of jumps such as star, pike, straddle and tuck and we even thought of some of our own. We joined our travelling and jumps together to create a sequence. We had to think of a way to travel across the bench and choose a jump to jump off at the other end!
Welcome back Explorers! We hope you have had a wonderful Christmas break and New Year! This half-term our topic is 'Who lives in a house like this?' We are going to be looking at the different types of houses there are and how houses have changed throughout the different time periods. We will also be learning about different materials and which would be the best to build a house. I hope you are ready for another busy fun-filled term! 
We have been creating our own maps of our school in Geography. We used Google maps to look at a birds eye view and recognise different areas of our school. We then thought about if we had visitors, how would they know their way around the inside? We decided to create a map to show where everything is inside our school. We used coloured paper to show the different areas and drew symbols to identify the toilets and the library. We then discussed how would others know what colour represented what so we then created a key. 
This afternoon Explorers enjoyed a treat from our elf! He brought us some hot chocolate for doing so well with our nativity. We sipped our hot chocolate with marshmellows and watched 'The Polar Express' on the carpet. We took off our shoes and got nice and cosy in the blankets! 
Well done Explorers for putting on a fantastic nativity performance! You were amazing! You have all grown with such confidence over the past term and you should all be very proud of yourselves! smiley
We have been reading the story 'Norman the Slug with the Silly Shell'. This week in Art we have designed our own silly shells and used clay to create a model of a snail. We had to roll the clay into a sausage shape and used tools to make imprints into the clay. We also used our pinchy fingers to make the antennae! Here are some pictures of us concentrating on perfecting our snails!

28th October 2019


Welcome back! I hope you have all had a lovely break and are ready for another exciting half-term! Our topic this half-term is Secrets in the Garden. I can't wait to see the wonderful homework challenges you come up with this half-term. Nativity season is upon us... keep a look out in your reading records for parts and lines smiley!

16th October 2019

Today in Forest School, Mrs. Williams read 'Leaf Man' to our Reception children. The children then went on a hunt around the school grounds to find lots of different leaves and objects to create their very own leaf man! Aren't the creations amazing! 
15th October 2019

Today our Year 1 children have been practising how to split numbers into parts using the part-part-whole model. 
11th October 2019

We have been really interested in our curiosity cube this half-term. This week we have been writing our suggestions of what we think could be inside the egg. 
10th October 2019

Today we have been making our very own dinosaur fossils! We wrote a recipe together of how to make salt dough and followed the instructions to help Miss. Callaghan create the mixture. We then chose the dinosaur skeleton that was our favourite and make an imprint in the dough. We can't wait to see what they look like once they are dry!

9th October 2019


The festival of Sukkot is a Jewish celebration. It occurs between September and October.

Jewish families build a shelter in their garden that they will have their meals and pray in for the week of Sukkot. It helps them remember the time when Jews were slaves in Egypt and Moses led them to freedom. A sukkah is a three sided shelter with an open roof to see heaven.

Look at our  models of our sukkots.

9th October 2019


Explorers have been having fun playing musical instruments.Our favourite song at the moment is pat a cake, pat a cake

10th October 2019


Today children in Year 1 have been practising ordinal numbers. They worked together to place them in the correct order and we then chose objects to put in that order. We pretended they had had a race and talked about the position they came in. Miss. Callaghan asked us questions that we had to think carefully about and answer in our pairs. 

9th October 2019 


We LOVE doing dough disco each morning! Ask your children if they can show you their favourite disco moves - a class favourite is the 'Hulk Smash'! 


Still image for this video

8th October 2019


This week in HeartSmart we had the challenge to create our own Boris the robot! We used the resources in provision to come up with our own ideas! Some of us used the blocks, junk modelling and even playdough to make our Boris 

23rd September 2019


Today in PE we were learning about different ways we can balance a beanbag on our bodies! We then looked at 2 different kind of throws; over-arm and under-arm! Here he are using our skills trying to throw the beanbags into the hoops! 

20th September 2019


Today in Geography we were looking at where in the world dinosaurs lived. We learnt to sing some songs to help us remember the names of the continents and oceans. Miss. Callaghan then told us which continent the dinosaur lived and we matched the dinosaur to that continent. We didn't find any dinosaurs that lived in Africa, South America and Australia! Could you find some at home ready to share with us in class?

18th September 2019


Our Reception children loved their first Forest School session today! 

18th September 2019


We could not believe what had happened when we arrived in school today! Our eggs has disappeared! Miss. Callaghan checked the cameras and we could not believe what we saw... there had been a dinosaur in our classroom! We think she had lost her eggs and came back to get them! We looked at the pictures and discussed the features of the dinosaur that we decided was a T-Rex. We came up with some fantastic adjectives such as white, pointy, sharp teeth, scaley skin and we even tried to use our word of the week 'ferocious' to describe how the dinosaur looked. 

Dinosaur Invasion!

Still image for this video

16th September 2019


This morning when we arrived in school some eggs had appeared! Where have they come from? Who might they belong too? The children discusses these questions and decided they thought they were from a dinosaur! We then used adjectives to describe how the eggs looked, felt and smelt! We did some fantastic pieces of writing about them! 

4th September 2019


Hi everyone! I hope you have all had a fantastic, fun filled Summer holiday! I am so excited to see all of your smiling faces and hear about what you have been up to! This year in Explorers the teachers will be Miss. Callaghan, Mrs. Wales and Mrs. Witts. We are here to help you learn and keep you safe smiley

We are going to spend our first week by settling into routine and understanding how to use the different areas of provision and then we are going to begin learning about dinosaurs as our topic this half-term is called Dinosaur Planet! I can't wait to learn lots of new things with you! 

19th June 2019


Year 1 children have been practising naming and labelling the 5 oceans. All Explorers have enjoyed learning their names using this song on youtube!

12th June 2019


Today we went on a hunt around the classroom to collect clues about what our Science topic is this half-term. We collected body parts, food and exercise equipment! Can you guess what our topic is? 

7th June 2019

Explorers children really enjoyed Pyjamarama day! They loved being in their pyjamas and getting nice and cosy in the dome sharing their books with their friends. Thank you for making the effort!

24th May 2019


Our Science topic this half-term has been focused around plants. Today we went on a walk around our school grounds to look for different types of trees. We collected some of the leaves from these trees and then brought them back to class. Miss. Callaghan then set us the task to identify if the leaf had come from an evergreen or deciduous tree. 

23rd May 2019


Wow! There has been some fantastic homework tasks this half-term. Look at these amazing toys from the past that we have made! 

22nd May 2019


To continue our learning around our topic Memory Box, today we had a visit from a baby called Cohen! He came into school as we have been learning about how things change from being a baby to growing old. We asked his mum lots of questions about how she cares for him. We sang him some nursery rhymes that is mum said he likes and gave him a cuddle.

16th May 2019


The children in Reception have been learning about sharing equally. They have been practising to take one object one at a time, taking turns. The children have also learnt that to share equally each group needs to have the same amount. If there are any left that will make the groups unfair, the children have learnt that we leave it out as it cannot be shared. 

15th May 2019

Our outdoor area has had a revamp! The children are really enjoying playing alongside their peers making dens with the crates, reading in our outdoor teepee and making different textures in the texture kitchen. 
14th May 2019

We had lots of fun this afternoon on the playground playing on the bikes and scooters! Miss. Callaghan was so impressed at how well we were able to keep our balance!

9th May 2019


To continue our learning about toys from the past, we worked together in groups to create a fact sheet to share with the rest of the class about the name of the toy, how it is used and what it is made from. 

2nd May 2019

Today we have been playing with Victorian toys as part of our topic 'Memory Box'. We discovered lots of different types of toys and found out that most toys from the past are made from wood or metal! We had so much fun learning how to play with each toy.

26th April 2019


Our Science topic this half-term is 'What came first the flower or the leaf?' Today we thought about the question 'what is a plant?' We discussed this with our partners and Miss. Callaghan wrote our suggestions on the board! We then talked about the difference between living and non-living things. We learnt that to live you need air, food, water and light. With our partners we worked together to sort pictures into the correct group; living, non-living or never lived. 

25th April 2019


Today Miss. Callaghan introduced us to our new topic 'Memory Box'. Together we discussed about what we thought a memory was and what kind of things we might find inside of a memory box. Miss. Callaghan brought in her memory box and talked to us about some of her items. We loved looking (and laughing) at pictures of Miss. Callaghan when she was a little girl! We were very interested in why Miss. Callaghan didn't have the same hair anymore or looked the same so we talked about how we change when we grow up from being a baby to an adult. 

24th April 2019


Year 1 have been practising multiplication by doing repeated addition and creating equal groups. Today we had a go at creating our own equal groups. We wrote the sums all by our selves! 

23rd April 2019 


Welcome back Explorers!smiley. We hope you have all had a wonderful break and we cannot wait to hear about what you have been up too! I hope you are ready for a short but fun and busy half-term! This half-term our topic is 'Memory Box'. We are going to be learning all about toys from the past and present, looking at how toys have changed over time. We will be getting the opportunity to play with some toys from the Victorian times, how exciting! For English we will be reading text focused around memory. The 2 books we will be working around are called 'Elfa and the Box Of Memories' and 'Wilfred Gordon Mcdonald Partridge'. In Science our topic question this half-term is 'What came first the leaf or the flower?' We are going to be planting some of our own seeds and observing the changes over the next coming weeks, hopefully they will grow! 

5th April 2019


How lucky are we! Whilst we were having our lunch the Easter bunny had been and left us all an egg. Thank you Easter bunny! Happy Easter!


Miss. Callaghan, Mrs. Adams and Mrs. Wales wish you all a wonderful Easter. We cannot wait to hear all about your Easter holidays when you return to school. Enjoy your 2 weeks off! smiley

5th April 2019


This week is Science Week! In Explorers class we chose to do some wonderful science around colour! We did an experiment with skittles and with some coloured water. The children were so enthused! If you take a look on our twitter page, we also made some lava lamps! Well done Explorers, you are super Scientists! 

2nd April 2019


Today we went on holiday to Kenya! We got onto the areoplane and watched the health and safety video to make sure we knew what to do if there was to be an emergency. We looked out of our plane windows to see what we could see. Some of the children said they could see their house and when we were coming close to landing in Kenya they could see lots of African animals! Once we had landed we explored around the country taking pictures of what we could see. Miss. Callaghan printed our pictures but she got them mixed up with some of pictures of the UK! Silly Miss. Callaghan! Together we took a picture with our partners and helped to sort the pictures as to whether it was of the UK or Kenya. 

The children in Year 1 then compared similarities and differences that they could see from the pictures between the UK and Kenya. They worked together in a group and wrote what they could see on poster paper. 

1st April 2019


We love getting busy in continuous provision time and completing our challenges. This week one of our challenges is to make an Easter chick in the malleable area. How amazing are the ones some of the children have made!? Well done Explorers, keep it up!

27th March 2019


We have been learning about events which occur at differents times of the day. Here are some photographs of the children in Reception sorting the pictures betweeen day and night.

19th March 2019


On Monday we recieved some exciting news... our school chicks have started to hatch! Today we got the opportunity to hold the chick which hatched first. As a school we have named it 'Lucky'. Here we are being very careful and gentle with the chick. smiley

18th March 2019


Wow! Keep up the fantastic homework challenges Explorers. The habitats you have made for African animals are amazing! Brilliant effort!

15th March 2019


This week through topic we have been learning where in the world Africa is. The children have learnt that Africa is a contient, not a country. They really enjoy singing the contient song to help them remember the 7 contients and to identify which is the biggest and smallest! The children then did some map work around the continent identifying some of the different countries. 


Here is the link to the continent song:

5th March 2019


Today we were really brave Explorers! We decided that as no one had seen the lion yet we would go on a Lion Hunt! We learnt a song together which we sang whilst hunting for the lion which helped us to stay brave. We walked through the long tall grass, splashed in the deep cold river and walked through the muddy leaves and into the cave very, very quietly. In the cave we felt one wet nose, 2 big ears and 2 sharp teeth... uh oh!... It was a lion!!!! 
We have now adopted the lion into our safari role play area where we can now keep a close eye on him!

26th February 2019


Today we entered the classroom to quite a mess! Chairs had been knocked over, equipment was on the floor and we also found some orange and yellow fluff and some footprints! But who did they belong too? Miss. Callaghan checked the CCTV cameras and this is what we saw.... Together we decided the animals must have been being chased by something! What African animal might be chasing all those other animals and have yellow and orange fluff with those footprints?... AH! There's a lion on the loose somewhere around our school!!! Together we decided to write a newspaper report to let everyone in school know and to keep safe if they see it!

African Animal Invasion!

Still image for this video

25th February 2019


Welcome back Explorers! We hope you have had a lovely half-term and are ready for our new topic 'Africa'! Throughout our topic we will be learning about what animals live there, where in the world is Africa, learning some of the names of the countries in Africa and comparing an African country to the UK! In English we will be focusing on the book Meerkat Mail and will be doing lots of different genres of writing such as postcards, letters, recounts and poems. In Maths this half-term we will continue to practise our place value skills and look at sequencing events. We hope you are ready for a busy and fun filled term! smiley

23rd January 2019 


We have been busy in Forest School making clay faces and habitats for bugs!

16th January 2019


Today we went to the Enchanted Woods and went on a hunt for fairies! We were so lucky to find some and some fairy items such as a wand, dress and a shoe! I wonder which fairy they might belong too? We also saw a squirrel who climbed up the trees as we listened to a story. As we have been learning about Andy Goldsworthy, we decided to use clay to practise making some tree boggarts. We used natural resources that we could find in the woods such as twigs, leaves and pine cones.  

11th January 2019


This half-term we are going to be researching the work of Andy Goldsworthy. He is an artist who sculpts and makes art using natural resources. Yesterday we had a walk around our school grounds to see what natural resources we could find. We then used the natural resources to create our own piece of art! We are super artists!

7th January 2019


Welcome back Explorers! We hope you have had a fantastic Christmas and a Happy New Year and are looking forward to our new school termsmiley. This half term our topic is 'The Enchanted Woods'. We are going to be learning about who and what we might find in a wood. Can you guess?  

12th December 2018

Thankyou to everyone who came to watch Explorers in their nativity performance. I am sure you will agree that they were amazing! They have been practising for many weeks to learn all the songs and all of their parts and we as teachers are really proud of themfrown Well done Explorers you are fantastic!

14th November 2018


Do you know how much sugar there is in these popular drinks? We didn't either! The children had to match the drink to the bag of sugar to identify how much sugar is in it. Before we found out, the children predicted that coke would contain the most sugar and gave the reason "Because it goes fizzy in your mouth and when you shake it in the bottle". They predicted water would have the least sugar. Well done Explorers! Your predictions were correct! 

14th November 2018


Reception children have been trying hard in writing to identify all the sounds in cvc words using magnetic letters. Fantastic work Reception, keep it up!

2nd November 2018


To begin our topic 'On the Move' we started with matching types of transport up to their name. We worked together as a team to read the label and match it correctly. We then discussed some of the transport and whether they travel in the air, on the land or in the sea. 

31st October 2018


In Science we have been learning about healthy and unhealthy foods. Together we discussed some of our favourite foods and filled the body with them! We then discussed together if it would be healthy to eat all of these foods every day and nothing else. The children decided this would be really unhealthy as too much of these foods isn't good as they contain lots of sugar and salt. The children suggested we give the body some fruit and vegetables and take some of the unhealthy foods away. We decided a balance of both kinds of food is what is best. 

29th October 2018


Welcome back after half-term Explorers! We hope you had a rest like we did! This half-term our topic is 'On The Move'. We are going to be learning all about different types of transport and road safety. In Science our question this half-term is 'Why Can't We Eat Sweets for Breakfast?' We're going to be looking at identifying healthy and unhealthy foods and how we can keep our bodies healthy... especially our teeth!

11th October 2018


In Reception class we have been practicing addition! Look at the photos of us using the objects to find the total! 

4th/5th October 2018 


This week we went on an Autumn walk to see what landmarks we could find in our local area. We then looked at the pictures we had taken on our walk in order to create a simple map. Together we discussed what needed to be included. Here are some pictures of us working as a team to create our map ensuring the landmarks were in the correct place. We finished our map by labelling it. 

27th September 2018


During our topic lessons we have been learning about where in the world we might find a bear. We have learnt brown bears live in Canada and Polar bears live in the Arctic! We used a world map to find these countries and our own. We then looked at different kind of maps and discussed what maps tell us. Here we are exploring different kinds of maps such as world, Europe, United Kingdom and even a map of our school!

​​​​27th September 2018 


This week Year 1 children have been practicing to place numbers on a number track correctly and recalling one more and one less than a given number. The children chose 3 number cards each and completed the activity you can see in the pictures. Throughout the week we practiced recognising one more and one less using objects and pictures so here we are applying what we have learnt smiley

20th September 2018


In Maths we have been practicing 1-1 correspondence. Year One children were also practicing to write the number they had made in words on whiteboards. We have been singing lots of songs to help us remember the order for numbers. Keep up the super Maths explorers.

Friday 21st September 2018


The homework challenges that have been brought into school have exceeded expectations! They are amazing. Keep up the hard work Explorers! 

Wednesday 19th September 2018


Today we found a paw print on our board with a message, it was a clue! We followed the clues around our school grounds and we found the bear! 

Monday 17th September 2018


Today we received a special message... it was from a BEAR! The message read:

Dear Explorers,

I saw your homework challenge to create a rocket so I thought I’d have a go at making my own. My rocket was amazing except I crashed and landed somewhere near your school and now I am lost! I came by, but no one was here… sorry about leaving my muddy footprints. Please can you help me? If you find me, you can keep me as your class bear. 

Hope to see you soon,




We are so excited! But what can we do to find him? We talked with our partners about ideas to find the bear and we came up with an amazing one! We have decided we are all going to make a poster to help find the bear. We looked at some examples of posters and what is important to include on them. 

Friday 14th September 2018 


Today we discovered something very strange in our outdoor area... footprints! Who are they from? What has been in our outdoor area? 
The children in Explorers came up with ideas such as a bear, a Gruffalo or a dinosaur. I wonder what it could be... 

The children in Explorers really enjoy choosing in the areas! 

Welcome back Explorers!no


Miss. Callaghan, Mrs. Wales and Mrs. Adams hope you all had a fun filled summer. It has been lovely to see all of your smiley faces in the last couple of days and we are so pleased at how well you have settled. We are all looking forward to the fun things we have planned for you this year - there are lots of new things to learn!


Our first topic this half term will be 'Paws, Claws and a Snout’. We will be learning all about bears and a special fantasy fiction character who has sharp claws... can you guess who? Some examples of texts we are reading this half-term are 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' by Michael Rosen and 'Whatever Next' by Jill Murphy. We will be using the texts to support us with writing labels and sentences containing adjectives! We are also going to be learning about our local community, therefore, we will be going on an Autumn Walk to see what local landmarks are around us. 


Make sure you keep checking our page regularly as we will be keeping you up to date about what we are up to in school smiley

Look at our newly decorated classroom ready for our new Explorers!

Open day sessions for our new Reception intake for September 2022 will be held at school on Thursday 4th November, please phone the school office to book to attend at either 10am or 2pm. We look forward to meeting you.