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Intra and inter competitions

Well done to our mixed Year 1/2 Handball team! They showed brilliant teamwork, resilience and respect on and off the pitch. Go team SJT!

Our 5-a-side football team represented us impeccably at St. Annes tonight. Well done team SJT!

A big well done for representing school in the table- tennis tournament this week.

Our badminton players enjoyed a mixed doubles tournament at St. Annes tonight- well played everyone!

Our first victory against St. Gabriel’s! Well played Team SJT!

St John’s Thornham V St. John’s Fisher

A cold cup round tonight against St. Thomas More at home. The team played well together and managed to score two goals! We were unlucky not to get through to the next round.

Our Key Stage two football team narrowly missed out to a 1-0 defeat against Boarshaw Primary school last week. They played so well as a team, showing great sportsmanship and a positive attitude. We look forward to our upcoming matches. 
Well done Team SJT. 

Our years 2-6 cross country runners have experienced some quite challenging courses so far this year but have shown great resilience and determination, ranking in lots of top ten positions. 
Well done Team SJT! 

The boys played brilliantly in their match against Hollin last night. They had lots of chances and for most of the game it was equal. Their defeat doesn’t show how well they played and they should be super proud of their performance.

Well done to our darts team on Monday! You all played fantastically. We are so proud of you for coming 4th! Great participation and team work

Well done to our girls football team who played brilliantly last night. They improved throughout the tournament and worked well as a team! Thank you for representing SJT so well!

Fantastic effort by our teams at darts tonight with a win of 5 out 9 games against St Thomas Mores!

The KS2 Boys Football team did us proud on Monday as they faced a tough team.

Year 5 and 6 Football Team played Boarshaw here at St. John's. Well done to our football team showing resilience and determination in tonight’s football match against Boarshaw Primary. What great sportsmanship shown by both sides. A big thank you to Coach Sam from EdStart Rochdale for reffing.

Year 2 through to year 6 have taken part in Middleton Sport Cross Country events over the last term. Our children have represented school brilliantly in all weathers and we have seen success with children coming 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th in all age races.

Girls football team

We are very proud of the footballers today. Our first ever match and they gave 100% throughout the whole game. Not a win against Hollin but some very good playing and team spirit. We are looking forward to our next match!

Boys football

Well done to our football team who put 100% effort into their game last night. We are so proud of every single one of you. You represented the school with pride. No win today against Parkfield but you all played brilliantly.

Mixed team football

Great game of football against Elm Wood today . Although we lost the mixed team played really well in their first game of the season. Great teamwork.


Congratulations to the year 2 ,3 and 4 cross country team who represented our school this week in a competition against other schools in the area. They all did amazing and we even got a first, second and third place in some of the races. These children all got a medal. 


Well done to St John’s Thornham FC who took part in the Middleton Primary Schools Sports Association Clayton Cup against Boarshaw CP School on Thursday after school. Although we lost 4-0, the team played really well in atrocious conditions.

They showed excellent resilience following 2 early goals from Boarshaw CP, played some brilliant football, with great passing and had fantastic team spirit!

Huge thanks to Mrs Walsh for coaching the team and to Mr Wright, our School Governor, and Ash from Edstart for their linesman & refereeing skills!

Thank you also to the parents/carers that came to support & cheer on our team in the heavy rain! Well done Team and congratulations to Boarshaw CP!



Very well done to our Cross Country team who competed in the Middleton Schools Sports Association Cross Country event on Tuesday at St Thomas More RC School.

They all ran really well in atrocious weather conditions! Well done Team!

Thanks to Mrs Walsh & Mrs Howarth for giving up their time and getting soaked in the rain! Our next competition is on 2nd October at Alkrington CP School.

Another great day of competitive sports in our new houses- Tandle Hill, Thornham, Slattocks and Stakehill. We demonstrated great team work and communication skills to earn vital points for our league table. Winners will be announced in Friday's praise assembly.

Sports Week has got off to a brilliant start here at St. John's.

All children are prepared each morning, all ready in their P.E kits. Each class will also get a breakfast to prepare them for a day of activities.

From Boccia to penalty shoot outs, children will be doing a range of competitive sports which will end with our race morning on Friday!

We look forward to seeing you there.

RBSGP Dance Festival 


Congratulations to our brilliant Dance Club Dancers who took part in the RBSGP Dance Festival at Middleton Arena on Thursday. This year’s theme was Rock n Roll! Mrs Howarth chose “Jailhouse Rock” by Elvis Presley and choreographed an amazing routine! The dance troupe looked fantastic in their jailbird & police costumes, danced their socks off and smiled throughout! We won medals for the best costumes and creativity- well done dance troupe!


St. Anne's Cup



Year 5/6 played a basketball tournament as part of the St. Anne's cup. They played against other teams in the borough in a round robin format.

Every player was very enthusiastic and committed to represent St. John's and we are very proud of their achievements! They implemented the skills that we have been practising at sports club and there were lots of hoops scored.

Overall, the team came 4th and earned us some vital points towards the St. Anne's cup.


Well done St. John's basketball team!


Image result for basketball

Sports club



Tonight we practiced our dribbling skills. We went in and out of the cones, sometimes we would have an defender to try and get the ball from  us. You could have a supporter to pass the ball to is you couldn't go any further.


At the end we practiced shooting. We played a game- you had three lives. If the person behind you scored before you, you would lose a life!


Tonight was a fun session!


A blog by Lottie

Sports Club- 21.1.19

Dance Club



We learnt some new dance moves at dance club tonight like: side step or jump, spin, jump- it was so much fun but that's not the best bit! We had to get a partner and dance with them- my partner did a back flip on me. It was so cool!


A blog by Lilly

Dance Club



Tonight was the first dance club, and it was also the first time that children had to audition to attend. There were 11 children that came to the first session who were successful in their audition.

We practiced different moves like: tick tock, cartwheels, kicks, jumps, partner dances and skills. We practiced over and over again. Then the mats came out and we practiced other moves such as lifts and high rolls. 


Everyone seemed to enjoy the first session and we look forward to next week.


A blog by Jorja

Playground Training- Day 2


The children carried out the second day of the training after practicing their games for homework. They delivered their activities to the playground trainer. She was impressed with the children's communication and teamwork skills.

We will now be setting up a timetable for the children to follow to deliver playground sessions to the rest of the school.


They have all been awarded a certificate to celebrate their achievements.

Well done year 5 and 6 Playground Leaders!


Playground Leader Training


Children from years 5 and 6 volunteered to take part in some playground leader training today! This will lead to a special qualification which will allow children to lead games at play times.

Children have enjoyed their session and have some homework ready to be assessed next week by our trainer from Rochdale School Sports Partnership.

Following this, children will set up games during play times for the whole school to enjoy.

We look forward to seeing our children's leadership skills in practice.

Children have had another fantastic session at Move and Groove tonight. They have had lots of fun dancing to "Choc-o-late" with Mrs Howarth!

Move and Groove


Mrs Howarth and Ks1 have started a dance club after school on Thursdays!

They had a great first session learning the moves to "Baby Shark" as well as other great dances.


I bet you can't wait to find out what you will learn next!





St. Anne's 5-a-side Football Competition



St. John's boys represented school at the St. Anne's football competition. They all performed brilliantly showing great resilience and determination. They scored valuable points towards the St. Anne's cup and we are all very proud of them!

Also a massive thank you to Coach Sam who had trained us for the tournament and coached us on the night.



The first game we played in the football session today was Quick Megs. We spread our legs apart and would aim to pass the ball through each others legs . When the ball went through a person's leg they would then have to turn around making it difficult for them to see the ball. As we got better the rules would change making the activity more difficult.

After we had worked on developing our passing accuracy we then played a game of dodgeball. This allowed us to work on our agility and speed. I was on the winning team three times ! Coach give us the tip to stay on your toes to give us a quick start.


A blog by Sam



Today at training we started off by playing a game of noughts and crosses combined with rock , paper , shoot.  We had to jump over the cones  and then play rock , paper , shoot with the opposing player. After the warm up , we completed dribbling drills. I loved the dribbling skills ! We learnt important tips such as  taking a touch for control and using the outside and inside of our boots for accuracy . After the drills , we then began focusing on passing. The final activity required us to be in groups of three and we had to pass to each member of our group. One of the most important tips I learnt for passing was to use the inside of my foot for more control.


A blog by Max 



Today we started off the training by sprinting at different speeds to get blood flowing around our bodies. After the warm up we began focusing on passing drills. The passing drills required us to take a touch of the ball (for control) and then pass it using the side of our foot (for more accuracy). I was very good at passing ! After the drills , we began playing mini-matches focusing on passing as we weren't allowed to shoot until we completed a specific number of passes. I found the completing different number of passes rule difficult at the start but I was able to ease myself into the mini-matches as I found team mates to pass to. I can use different passing ranges !


A blog by Josh

Football practice 13.11.18


Today we played a round of "Tails" where two people were it and if they got your "tail" you would be it with them. This is what we did to warm- up for today's session.

After that, we split up into teams of 4s and 3s and played matches in a mini tournament. My team didn't let any goals in so we had to go into a penalty shoot out! I was scared because I thought that the other team would score all of their penalties... but it was even all the way through! In the end we drew but still had lots of fun! 


A blog by Aidan


Today we warmed up by playing a game of ultimate tig (everyone is on).

Then we did passing exercises over long and short distances.

After that we did a 15-20 minutes match. 

I asked other players what they thought of the session and these are their responses:

 "I enjoyed practising my goalkeeping skills" 

" The match was the best part because it was fun!"

Overall, today's sessions was really fun and I enjoyed it!


A blog by Ben

Football practice 2.10.18

Years 4- 5 Football Club


Football club will run for the whole of the Autumn term on Tuesdays after school 3.30- 4.30pm with a Link for Life coach.


Look out for our blogs coming soon!


Congratulations and very well done to our Dance Club Dancers who have been rehearsing very hard every day to compete in the St Anne's Cup and RBSGP Dance Festival at Middleton Arena. Our “Save the 80s” dance routine, with a medley of songs from the 1980s was fantastic. The children were amazing and their dance really stood out. They smiled from the beginning to the end of the routine and made us all extremely proud! Next year’s theme is “Rock and Roll” - maybe it will be our time to win! A BIG thank you to Mrs Howarth & Mrs Willman for the fabulous choreography & costumes and to Miss Rogers for hairstyling and providing a food pack for each child; this was extremely generous of you. Well done, Troupe!

Be on time, school starts at five to nine! Make sure you follow us on Twitter or look at the gallery and Whole School Learning sections of the website under the children's tab to find out about school life at St. John's.