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Global Goals

We are Global Citizens with Global Goals

Global citizenship is the idea that everyone, no matter where they live, is part of a worldwide community. Although our lives may not look like the lives of children in other countries, we share similar experiences, like playing games or having a family. Being a global citizen means that we look for these similarities and try to understand how life may be different for other people.


Civic responsibilities are the actions that people do to help their communities be successful. Here are a few things you can do. Help your neighbour, volunteer to clean up a park, donate food to the homeless, or read books to younger children, then you've done your civic responsibility. When you get older, you can also vote and run for office in government. 


Have you ever eaten food from another country? Do you speak another language? More importantly, do you actually understand what it would be like to live somewhere else? Another part of global citizenship is cultural awareness. Cultural awareness means that you search for opportunities to learn about other people's: languages, food, religions, governments, homes, families, history, daily lives. Additionally, this means thinking about ways that other people's lives are both the same and different from ours.


Looking after the environment is everyone's responsibility oil spills, toxic fumes, and waste in the ocean are just a few examples of dangers to the environment. Global citizens understand that the environment is shared by everyone and we should all do our bit to look after it.


Will you be awarded our Citizen of the Week Award for being an Active Global Citizen?

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