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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium is an additional government grant which is added to the main funding that schools receive in their annual budgets. Pupil Premium is allocated to pupils who are currently registered for free school meals or who have received free school meals at any time in the last six years (known as 'Ever 6, FSM'). The funding for these children is £1,345 per year. Children who have parents in the Forces are allocated £310 per year.


The aim of the Pupil Premium funding is to support eligible children who may be vulnerable to under-achievement and address any attainment gaps.  As well as focusing upon academic endeavours, it may also be appropriate to provide support to nurture their well-being and to provide these children with access to a variety of enriching experiences.


Our staff take responsibility for the learning and progress of all children and know who our E6 and vulnerable pupils are. There are no excuses for under performance and the language of ‘learning’ is used right across school through positive learning strategies children are taught what it means to be a good learner from when they enter in Reception.


The continual development of Quality First Teaching, and the inclusion of Growth Mid-set throughout school has ensured that teaching and learning continues to improve. We continually evaluate, through rigorous data tracking, the effectiveness of the interventions we offer. We train our support staff and teachers to deliver the highest quality interventions that reap the greatest benefits for our children in terms of maximising their progress.


We invest heavily in staff development to ensure that all children are being taught by skilled professionals. Support staff timetables are fluid, based on need, and interventions are evaluated every term so that alterations can be made. All staff are held accountable for the progress of the pupils they have taught.


Improvements to continuous provision for the Early Years and the outdoor environment, the development of Forest School, enhancement of home learning opportunities and the subsidisation of trips, visits, sport clubs and music tuition all count towards the increased engagement of our Pupil Premium children. Not all Pupil Premium pupils are the lowest attaining, we have put in place a range of tailored interventions and opportunities to provide stretch and challenge for those more-able children.


Each year we are required to develop a plan which shows how we will use the Pupil Premium Grant to ensure all children achieve and thrive in their Primary Years. At the end of the academic year the plan will be evaluated. Have a look at the documents below for further information on how the Pupil Premium Grants has been spent in previous years as well as the plan for this year.


If you think your child may be eligible for free school meals please go to Rochdale Council website to download a form- follow the link below.

The payment year for Pupil Premium follows the financial year therefore we plan and review provision for PPG to follow the financial year and not the academic year. This is from April through to April. This will enable us to accurately review the Pupil Premium spend in line with the budget. New children who start school and are FSM/Service children will not be allocated funds until April.  

Pupil Premium and Recovery Strategy Statement 2021

Review of Pupil Premium Spending and Outcomes 2020-2021

Review of Pupil Premium Spending and Outcomes 2019-2020

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