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Lighthouse Crew

The group known as The Lighthouse Crew, consists of six children chosen from Years four and five. Their purpose is to help to shine the message of God through His Son Jesus Christ who is The Light of the World. The group has been created to involve children in the planning and delivery of worship. The Lighthouse Crew act of collective worship is on Wednesday afternoon when all the staff are working in school and can share the worship time.

A group of children are chosen from volunteers each term. These children meet on a weekly basis with Miss Ireland to share ideas and plan the worship. The group collect prayers from each classroom’s reflection area and they select appropriate prayers to be read out in the worship each week. These prayers are then stuck in a whole school prayer collection book that is displayed in the lobby and at the end of the year taken to Church.

During the worship time children are given a ribbon to pray for something personal to them and to tie on the outdoor reflection area at playtime.

The Lighthouse Crew follow a theme each half term based on a Christian value linked to Mrs Hunter’s half termly value. The crew also teach new songs from the Sing Out songbook with a CD relevant to the value, and fun videos are used linking to the value of the half term.

Different children are chosen to play instruments during the worship time and lots of actions are included to make it interactive. The Lighthouse Crew have their own t-shirts to wear for their act of collective worship and if the crew take part in activities out of school e.g. Macmillan coffee morning at church, they can wear them then.

“I am The Light of the world, whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the Light of Life.”  John 8:12


The lighthouse crew delivered collective worship on Lent, they explained the importance this time of year is and is a time to focus on God just like Jesus did in the desert. We played a game to help us to focus and competed in a staring competition as well as singing a new song, our chocolate favourite ‘my lighthouse’ and shared children’s jelly baby prayers. 

Look at some of the Collective Worship the group have planned together and led

Our Lighthouse Crew have enjoyed teaching the children a new song in worship today~ Give it all you got! The song talks about us being proud to be part of St John’s School, learning together and having fun! The rap is very fast!

Our Lighthouse Crew led Collective Worship in a different way today. Their focus was on prayer and the children took part in a workshop in their house families to look at the four different ways we can pray to God. Have a look at our prayer Jelly Babies!

The lighthouse crew has introduced and led their assembly in collective worship on our school half term value of love. They have created an assembly demonstrating how we can show love to each other and how God shows he loves us. They have chosen some school favourite songs; I lift my hands up and My Lighthouse to sing collectively and led a special prayer to remind us the importance and power of showing love to one another.

The new lighthouse crew have worked really hard to plan their own assembly reflecting our school value of dreams. They have shared their own dreams with the whole school during their collective worship, written a prayer to reflect this value, chosen a fun song to sing and play instruments to as well as leading one of our favourite school songs My Lighthouse. They have been dedicated in their role by planning this assembly themselves during a lunch time and practising how to deliver to the rest of the school. They have all been amazing, giving lots of energy and enthusiasm throughout creating a fun assembly to share to the whole school. They have made us very proud indeed.


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My Lighthouse song is a firm favourite song to sing during Lighthouse Crew’s collective worship

We have a new Lighthouse Crew who led their first Collective Worship today. They helped us to think about migration. We sang a celebration song to celebrate children who have migrated to different places around the world and the contributions, cultures and values they bring.

Lighthouse Crew led Collective Worship today with a focus of advent. They told us about the significance of the five candles and sung a song to help us remember that advent is a time for waiting. We are looking forward to celebrating the birth of Jesus.

Our New Lighthouse team lead Collective Worship this morning. After working collaboratively with other church schools young people’s groups they created a wonderful PowerPoint about difference, chose a really effective video and led whole school prayers. Well done, we can't wait for your next one!

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