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National Curriculum- Year 1 to year 6

We have built our curriculum to ensure our children develop the knowledge and skills to prepare them for life and work in the 21st Century. We are committed to providing a broad and balanced curriculum which inspires and engages- sparking a passion towards learning as well as allowing children to develop spiritually and in their faith. 


Our school ethos underpins teaching and learning in all subject areas. Reading remains a huge focus throughout years 1-6 and children are encouraged to develop their speaking and listening skills, de-coding and comprehension ability as well as continuing to develop their love of books through exposure to a range of quality texts.


As in EYFS, Spirituality and Religious Education are the backbones of all learning here at St. John's, they too are our core subjects alongside- English- reading and writing, maths and Science.

We follow the National Curriculum Programmes of study and have adapted these to ensure a continuing learning journey for our children in mixed classes. The learning is structured under an overarching theme for the half term which incorporates the skills, understanding and knowledge which the children need to learn at each age phase across all subject areas. Long term plans ensure coverage of objectives in our mixed classes over a two year rolling cycle. They also enable us to make cross curricular links and topic wows to inspire and engage the children. SLT and staff plan curriculum enhancements throughout the year to support and enhance the curriculum giving children further experiences as a whole school or class.  


For further information and details about subject and class planning have a look at our subject and class long term plans on the school website which show our amazing and exciting themes allowing our teachers to make links between subjects to make learning purposeful and exciting. This year’s curriculum enhancements are also shared here

Curriculum Enhancements 2018-2019

Curriculum Enhancements 2019-2020

 If you have any questions regarding the curriculum we teach please contact the school directly.
You will find home learning activities for your child to complete each week on this website, under the children's tab and on your child's class page to ensure their learning journey continues.