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Summer Term

Edible or Deadible 10.5.23


We have been learning about different plants that you can find in the UK particularly native ones and ones found mostly in the wild and we played the game “Edible or Deadible”. We had to decide if each plant was something that could be eaten or if it would make you unwell. We found that lots of plants can look like something else so it is best to only forage with someone who knows plants really well. Although we decided a blackberry was a safe forage as we could all identify that.

Looking at Trees 17.5.23

The children were looking around the school site at the different trees we have now the leaves have grown and they can be more easily identified. The children knew an impressive number of the trees and were able to identify many of them independently.

24.5.2023 Go find it!

We went on a scavenger hunt around the school site finding different things, something stinky, something small, something tiny, something orange, something bigger than our heads. The children had a lot of fun thinking about what could fit these categories.

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