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Spring 2

This half term we are looking at building some of our skills in knots and team building so we can work towards large den building.

Team Building Cup Game

6.4.2022 - We put our skills into practice this week and used our knots to attach string to an elastic band and worked in teams to use the elastic band to pick up 2 cups from one area and move them to another, touching only the string. It was tricky at first but all the teams found a way to work together to pick up the cups and transport them. 

23.4.2022 We played a team game a bit similar to giant rock paper scissors today where we had to pretend to be Giants, Dwarves and Wizards. Then we practised some knots to make a start on our natural mobiles.

16.4.2022 We practised our knots and Mrs Powell taught us how to do a clove hitch. Some children picked it up quickly and were able to help the others to tie it too. We will be making a hanging mobile using natural materials using lashings and knots.

9.3.2022 - This week we made story sticks finding natural materials to attach to a stick that would remind us of a story we created. The children all told their amazing tales in the log circle and they were very creative. We even had some stories relating to our assembly book about pollution and recycling. Some of the children preferred to go and see what signs of spring they could see, sketching the flowers and buds that had popped up to tell us the warmer weather is on its way.

Spring 1

9 - 16.2.2022: We have got a brand new bat roost in school and we have been learning all about what we need to do to attract them to our school site. We read a book called Amara and the Bats which told us the story of a girl called Amara who loved bats but when she moves to a new town finds there are no bats near where she lives and she sets out to see what she can do to help. In this story, we learned all the things we needed to know to get the bats to come to our school. We have learned about lots of different types of bats and that some are herbivores, some are carnivores, some are insectivores and some even are pollinators just like the bees. We made seed bombs that we can dry out and then throw into the flower beds along the path that contain seeds that will attract the kinds of insects and moths that bats in the UK eat. We made some little bats of our own using paper wings and sticks, then we played the echolocation game to learn about how bats locate their food.

This half term we are looking at the flora and fauna in our school grounds and we will be taking part in the Big Bird count for RSPB.

26.1.22: Today we continued learning about birds. We enjoyed using the bird watching hide that the KS2 children had finished for us during their session this morning. Some of us made large nests, some of us had a go at small nests and some of us put out food for the birds. Lots of us had a go at counting the birds we could see. We even saw a heron!


19.1.22: Today we looked at the different birds we know and learned about what it means to be "native" we also talked about domestic birds as we can find these in peoples homes and zoos in the UK but not really in the wild. We suggested what birds might eat and then we split into groups to do different activities such as making "Bird Pizzas" our special mud, seed and berry pies for the birds. We started to make a bug hotel using recycled materials to encourage some insects for the birds to eat. Some of us were birdwatching and some of us were trying to make a nest and we thought that the birds make it look very easy but it's more difficult.


12.1.22: This week we learned about deciduous and evergreen trees and were sorting leaves into these categories. We also looked at why trees lose their leaves in winter.

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