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Learning styles and strategies

Through our teaching we aim to:

Promote active learning, which provides opportunities for pupils to pose their own questions and find answers, investigate and take responsibility for their learning.

  • To see learning as an active process rather than a passive one.
  • To encourage discussion between pupils and teachers and pupils and pupils regarding their learning, expectations, targets and decisions.
  • To ensure that there is continuity of learning and progression within a class, between classes and during transition to other schools.
  • To provide a variety of learning experiences using various teaching styles and techniques.
  • To use on-going (formative) and summative assessments and share the findings of these with the children in child-friendly terms.
  • To provide a variety of working contexts e.g. individual, pairs, mixed ability, groups, whole class to ensure a range of opportunities.
  • Ensure that learning has stuck, through checking that is incisive and systematic.
  • We are all teachers of literacy. The quality of both students’ and teacher’s language, such as in instructions and questioning, are significant determinants of progress. Make the implicit, explicit.
  • Teachers must be explicit about learning outcomes and key words.
  • Demonstrate the values of the school.
  • Reinforce children’s aspiration for success by the challenge we offer.
  • Enable them to show resilience by taking a risk and working through barriers.
  • Each class is a learning community in its own right. Their success depends on each other.


Learning Strategies

The following learning styles help children to be more active, involved and engaged learners. 

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