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Planet Savers Award

We are delighted to be awarded the Plant Savers Award which we have received from Manchester Diocese for our commitment to treasuring the world we live in and preserving it for others. We met all of the nine core criteria below and hope to continue our work focusing on gaining the Eco Schools Flag in the future.


1. Have a pupil eco-group in school.


Are you able to demonstrate the activities and impact of the school’s eco group? How can you demonstrate the whole school approach to eco issues?

Look out for an inspirational film with hints and tips from pupils on our social media platforms #DbeBeeEco


2. Naming an ‘Eco Governor’ from your Governing Body who works with the eco-group and raises eco issues at governor meetings.

Do you have a named Governor as your link Eco Governor? How has the Eco Governor worked with the eco-group within the school? What discussions and decisions have been made at the governing board around eco issues?    


3. Completion the CofE Energy Footprint Tool

The purpose of the EFT is to annually, and accurately, produce a carbon footprint for each school - so that we can chart the progress towards the target of carbon net zero by 2030. The EFT opens on 1 May and closes on 31 July each school year, and the data must be entered during this time period.


4. Register your school with an Eco-Schools account and begin the process of working towards Eco-Schools Green Flag accreditation.      
                                                                                                                                                  Your school needs to be registered with Eco-Schools website. Eco Schools is a brilliant organisation that will help your school become more environmentally friendly in so many ways. Once you are registered with Eco Schools you will be able to begin to work towards their ‘Green Flag’ accreditation.


5. Recycling throughout school, and projects to encourage more recycling at home and within the community.


Do you have recycling bins inside your school building and outside? How much of your school rubbish is recycled? Have you organised any campaigns or competitions to increase recycling in school, the community or your homes?

6. Encouraging care of wildlife; planting trees, plants, vegetables etc
                                                                                                                                        Examples might include log piles or insect homes; areas where you have planted wildflower seeds or troughs with bee friendly flowers or vegetables; perhaps you have a compost pile.



7. Reduce litter around school.


There always seems to be a lot of litter around doesn’t there, but what if your school had a big push to reduce or even eliminate litter both inside and outside your school.  Maybe have litter push where people collect litter when they see it and see how much you can clear by being a litter hero?  And when we see litter does it look like something you can recycle?  Does your school have a plan or policy about litter?



8. The reduction of plastic usage - especially bottles.


Alongside looking out for litter, do you have a way of making sure that you don’t use as much plastic?  Have you got some special bins for plastic stuff, including bottles?  Are there ways you encourage people to use their own water bottles at school and not buy plastic ones?  Are there other plastic things you use in school that you would like to see less of and how are you doing that?



9. Develop eco links/projects between school and church.


Examples might include shared usage of a small plot to grow wildflowers or herbs. Perhaps you have committed to finding ways to share renewable energy. How are you working together to encourage the whole community to be more eco aware?



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